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We just need some apples to apples comparison for lumens and throw. I'm sure there's a big difference between a 5000K 80+ CRI and 4000K 90+ CRI LH351D. That D4S page is the only listing I know that really, in theory, is a great comparative list, though we know nothing of the specifics on those tests - cells, measurement equipment, methods, etc.

That was for a LH351D 4000K 90CRI

The 80CRI has a significant jump in output and the 70CRI even more since it comes in the highest bin:

Here are my own 18650 C8F builds (LH351D 80CRI vs XP-L2 70CRI): What did you mod today? - #5269 by contactcr

I have also built Jaxman E2L triples with most of these at some point, going through my post history:

LH351D 4000K 90CRI:
~3,300lm at startup

SST-20 J4 4000K 95CRI:
~2,400lm at startup


Also I would like 21700 version and (personal preference) Samsung LH351D 4000K 90+ CRI or SST-20 4000K 90+ CRI option.

It could have a little bigger reflector size, i.e. like Lumintop GT micro

I think it would be first on the market: 21700 palm size thrower

Has anyone built a C8F with XP-G3 4.000K yet? AFAIH, the 4000K is not subject to have such a horrible tint shift as the 5.700K/6.500K ones. Didn't Sofirn want to launch the C8F with XP-G3 in the very beginning but eventually decided otherwise?

no point in low CRI XPG3, we have the Luxeon V2 for that

I used to think charging ports on lights were useful but now I have more lights (and more chargers) not so much. I can still see uses for them but generally I would prefer not to have it. Simpler design, less things to break, lower cost.

I’ve also built a BLF Q8 with BeCu springs.

The light output is about 5200 lumens at 30 seconds with Samsung 30Qs at 4,17V.

With just a crappy rubber boot (that can open up when you look at it wrong, certainly when pulling the light out of a pocket, etc., or just tear off completely), to me built-in charging can be a drawback more than an advantage.

Oh, it’s absolutely convenient (easier to just carry a cable vs charger), but unless it’s done like the Zanflare F1 with screw-ring and O-rings sealing the port completely, it’s a liability.

So… that depends on the light and what I’d be using it for. Some lights it’d be convenient, others a liability. No clear way to delineate which group is which.

A muggle light like the SC31, hey, it’s great, let gramma just “plug it in” like her big-keypad cellphone and wait for the charging light to go green or whatever. A light that you want to be waterproof (not just “water-resistant”, which is nigh useless), forget it.

Think it was Marcus and the Armytek who showed that you can actually replace the battery in the light underwater(!!), but Hell if I’d ever want to do that unless I were trapped in a capsized sinking boat or something and my light just went out that particular moment.

Point? One man’s “feature” is another man’s “liability”.


I think there is another way to do USB charging safely and that is to hide uUSB port in tube threads, like Jetbeam E10R. I don’t say it is the best solution ever, but it is cheap, connector is protected and no flapping rubber

Yea, the Nightwatch NA40/NA40SE ( works the same way - port in the the thread. Even better that the charging circuitry is separate, built in to the battery tube assembly - pretty unique, though think it's been done before, like those tiny keychain lights sold under a ton of names.

+2…. Not a fan of USB charging in the least.

If a light must have it, there should be a substantial rubber plug that fits tightly in a recessed area, in the light; around the USB port.

Or…. cover it like the Zanflare Z1 or Nitecore HC50 & HC60.

  • 1. But the best solution for USB Charging is to not have it…. in my humble opinion of course. . :wink:
  • 2. Second best solution for USB Charging is a covered & sealed USB port in the threads, as mentioned above.
  • 3. Third best solution for USB Charging…. Do not have USB Charging.

Let me correct that for you:

  1. Do not have USB charging
  2. Do not have USB charging
  3. Do not have USB charging


Wellp, just to play Devil’s Advocate…

…there is a place for it, like for muggles who don’t know that an 18650 has to go in pointy side first, or those who’d have a hard time using a broom without reading the owner’s manual, where unscrewing a light and sticking the dynamite-stick of a battery into a charger (also pointy-side up or whatever), and then reversing the process, is something only an Einstein would be able to accomplish.

For those, sticking in a cable-end that can only go in one way, and waiting for the blinky light to turn green or go steady or whatever, that’s the easiest or at least most painless solution.

Then again, some people are just best-suited for triple-AAAs.

Wow, that’s pretty harsh. I predict it is the future. Old schoolers can still take it out to charge if they want. All good.

Next month I am taking a trip. I will probably take a USB chargeable FL.

+1 on that.

I think, that for a few flashlights (e.g. which we would give to non-flashaholics) USB charging could be very useful. If a flashlight has it, it should be sealed against water and dust.

A charging port on a light can be a feature for muggles but I like most others here do not want it in MY lights.

However, I also hate that Thinkpads are not Thinkpads anymore but instead just overpriced black macbooks.

I’m a sucker for really cool, unique flashlight designs like these — provided they are matched in performance with different emitter options. I also find that I like the ability to choose flashlight colors, like Emisar, Fireflies and Haikelite SC26 did so well lately. And even though it’s “gimicky,” I’m loving the aux led colors and blends. Give me any single 18650, 21700, or 26650 that have those three elements from Sofirn and I would purchase immediately.

If I had a light with usb charging and I didn’t use it, I would just razor blade any high points off and make it flush. Then add a bit of silicone sealant to make sure it stays in place and is water tight. Problem solved.

I do like having the option of built in charging, though for muggles. For lights I give away, I only use ones that have usb charging.

So I don’t see a valid reason to delete usb charging. Maybe it lowers the cost 35 cents? No big deal.

I wish the SP33 and C8F had built in charging so I could give those models to muggles.