Andúril 2 coming to Sofirn - The general Sofirn development thread


Being able to order parts and custom lights is great news.
Do we PM you here on BLF? Can we communicate on


Do you have populated Q8 LED boards maybe with LH351Ds (bare LED board would be okay, though)? And a matching Q8 reflector?

I’ve gotten disgusted with Ali lately, and abandoned the cart there on multiple occasions with all their crap.

Oh… 351d in the Q8. That would be nice.

Ooh, that sounds very nice.

Being able to order custom lights with custom emitter options is excellent! I’m interested in the following. How do I order?

1) SP36S Simple UI (not Anduril/Narsil) w/ 2x LH351D 2700k and 2x LH351D 5000k

2) SF14 w/ SST-20 2700K

3) SP30A w/ SST-20 2700K

4) SC31B w/ SST-20 2700K

5) IF25 w/ 2x LH351D 2700k and 2x LH351D 5000k

We may not get a response until February... Chinese new year.

Thank you Sofirn. :slight_smile:

The SF14 is no longer produced

The Chinese New Year starts on 25 Jan 2020. So there are still a few weeks to go but I think Sofirn are maybe starting early :slight_smile:

I ordered directly from Sofirn & got email telling me my order has been sent with a tracking number on 26 Dec 2019 but I cannot track parcel after more than 10 days - unknown tracking number.
No response to my email to Sofirn yesterday so maybe an early start to the New Year.

Send a message on the Sofirn Deals facebook page. There’s a few that are often active

Usually those tracking numbers cannot be tracked until it arrives at the delivery company in your country. Sometimes tracking numbers don’t work until after I receive the package.

Thank you!

I see they replaced the SF14 with the SF12. The difference being the SF14 goes from L>M>H where as the SF12 goes from H>M>L :person_facepalming: Please bring back the SF14 Sofirn. The SF14 with the SST-20 2700K would make for good bedside lights.

Is the sf14v2 still available anywhere?

Just got my if25 and it really is a great light. Very small for a 21700 light, the tint ramping/mixing is very nice and what I’ve been waiting for. The 6500K SST20s are very green in the low modes but that’s expected I guess and that’s only on the upper end of the tint ramp. The middle mix tints are nice because of the mix. I think I’ll replace the leds with CRI90 3000K and 5700K 219Cs. The nitecore 34mm diffuser fits well and the output is very stable and well regulated. This should make a lovely photo/video light.

Yep, and if it’s anything like past years, there’ll be a lot of hootin’ and hollerin’ for a whole month or so.

Expect anything stuck in the mail pipeline to finally arrive with a foot-long beard.

That would be one I’d be glad to get. Hello?

I can’t decide if this makes Sofirn my favorite, or most hated manufacturer. It’s awesome, but now I need to buy a bunch of new flashlights with interesting emitters.

I was looking at this light and it would be great for a lot that I do, but as with the SP40, no moonlight mode. Aux LED in red would be nice too, but that may raise the price. I think a moonlight mode would get me to order this right away. A good consistent regulated mode is way more useful than a turbo mode that only lasts a few minutes for a headlamp. I read the specs and it says “LOW” mode is 70lm. Too bright. Maybe add a moonlight mode, and make the highest 850 lumens, and just forget about the 1200?

SP10S 2700k

IF25 2700k Sand or Blue/Red color!