Anduril ... 2?

Yep, MS Paint at its finest!.. It's just edits on the graphic I've found in one of the earlier pages in this thread, I believe it's Lux Perpetua's graphic.

Yes, I posted a separate thread of my Andúril 2 UI diagram here:

I am going to upload the svg-file on my sharepoint today, so anyone can modify/improve it.

ToyKeeper also sent me a PM tonite. She told me that it was okay to create (unofficial) Andúril UI diagrams and that at this point of time it will take a while before she can start working on her own (official) version.

Easily configureable by setting ceiling to max. I find 2C as shortcut to ceiling one of the most reasonable modifications in A2. Hope it will stay that way.

I think there are better firmware options if a flashlight must serve as a tacticool thing.

I know, the 2C and other mentions escaped me last night as I was tired. Some are already defaults in Anduril for a good while or have always been. I mostly wanted to explain what my personal preference would be and what I was trying to achieve myself for a custom build. It's just too complicated for me to code/mod all of these changes so I thought I would share them, maybe it would get some interest and another branch or something, idk.. I am usually doing my own little mods/changes to the code and compile locally, this time though, Anduril 2 got even more complex than it used to be and also I have came up with even more changes than regularly myself.

3C is also my personal preference, and as I've mentioned previously, it's mostly for the sake of consistency with the most common denominator that I know of so to speak, not that I think I'd ever even use that feature (even if I would ever end up in that kind of a situation.. ) It is not my place to dictate which direction Anduril, the work of someone else and freely shared, is going to go and what should stay or what should go, I am only trying to get my own version customized for my personal use. And the same, if anyone else likes such changes, it would be likely a welcome addition.

Also, not that my intention was to create a "tacticool thing", but mostly a jack of all trades, a more common, intuitive thing to learn while having no previous experience with, but I am curious of what those better firmware options would have been.


That's some nice work! Thanks for the layout. Much easier to read, understand and mod.

Using the precompiled hex: when stopping ramping in the middle of the two flashes, the light output goes below floor level. Guess this is a bug. If corrected, a new hex file should be uploaded.

Which two flashes? You mean between output channels? There is no branching between the flashes.

The flashes after direct floor and before ramping.

Sorry, don’t know what you mean. I don’t have “flashes after direct floor and before ramping”. We need more info: Which build, which target, which configuration? Looks like you have something with legacy button timing.

15C blinks out 2.1

It was the only D4S version I could find when I needed the hex file.

Well, doesn’t matter if it’s gone already. Does not bother me personally, just wanted to report.

“2.1” is not a valid build/date code. “legacy” means “2019”, so it was long gone even in Anduril 1. Where did you find that hex file?

That one should not have any flashes when you hold the button while off. When the light is off and you hold the button, it should do nothing for about half a second, then turn on in floor and half a second later start ramping up.

Are you in smooth or stepped ramping? Have you changed the ramp settings?

It immediately starts as it should. I’m in advanced mode, ramping, and set the floor level to 5.

This is how Anduril turns on since early 2020 mid 2019 (example: D4S, latest Anduril 2):

Delay after pressing the button, turns on in floor, another delay, starts ramping up. No flashes.

Ok, thanks. It is somewhat difficult for me to follow the version blinks (I’m old), but I tried:

2 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 9 - 2 - 7 - 1 - 1 - 3 - 1

Why is there a delay in recent versions?

As I said, that’s not recently, that’s default since 2019-06-02. For almost two years. It was changed to remove the flashes (that indicated when it is safe to release to stay at floor).

Your version seems to be 2020-09-27 (the zero is shorter than one) with model 0131 (Emisar D4S). And that build should not flash.

Except it does.

Thanks for explaining the blinks, I wasn’t able to look that information up.

I had to check this and flashed the version you’ve linked above onto my D4S. Result: Exact same behavior as intended and shown in my video. Turns on after a short delay and absolutely no flashes.

What ever happened to the optic nerve programming idea on the FW3A? Last I heard of it, they deemed it unreliable to use the LED as a photo receiver but does that mean 2 pin programming is a possibility? Could we adapt it to program a attiny1634 with 2 pins?