Thanks TK , I will have a go ,i like the step ramp to go to ceiling then double click for turbo but I like to to ramp to turbo on smooth ramp , that’s how my d18 came , I would do it to the FW aswell.
Will it alter the step ramp as Well?

No. It only changes the ramp you were using before entering config mode.

Good , thankyou :+1:

thanks for all the info
is there a way to reset a D4 with Anduril to factory defaults?

I borrowed one and changed a lot of settings, and am getting ready to return it

fwiw, here are some pics and impressions:

Does the fireflies e01 have a new version Andúril? Why am not able to program the maximum brightness as top of ramp? I tried 4 clicks with no response.

I’m pretty sure that while the flash light is on and in ramping mode you click four times then you will notice the light flutter and you push the button once and it allows you to access the lowest usable mode. Then it will flutter again and you push the button once and that allows you to access the highest usable mode.

Not on the fireflies e01. I have two of these lights and they both don’t flutter after 4 clicks.
I’m able to program my e07 though.

Gotcha. Sorry, I figured they were the same.

Fireflies asked me to make a new UI for the E01. It’s basically a stripped-down version of Anduril. The ramps are not configurable, and most of the blinky modes are gone. It has a police strobe and SOS instead of the Anduril strobes.

I have a problem with anduril. I set the ramp floor higher in the ramp cfg and want to set it down as low as possible again. How can I set it down? The diagram only shows how to set it higher.

  1. Turn the light on.
  2. Click 4 times to start ramp config mode.
  3. At the first “buzz”, click 1 time.
  4. Wait until the config mode exits.

That’s all. That should set the floor to the lowest level.

I’m seriously enjoying the Anduril UI, to the point where it has spoiled me for other UI’s. I’m really eager to see what other lights are produced with it. Would love to see a diving light with Anduril, something similar to the Wurrkos WK20 or Sofirn SD02A.

I’m kind of stuck understanding something. So can nearly any light with ATiny85 chip run Andúril? Is Andúril intended for certain drivers? FET+? Would multi AMC7135s work?

For a driver in a light not listed here: ~toykeeper/flashlight-firmware/trunk : files for revision 249

What all is involved in running Andúril? Does it need to be compiled based on emitter, type of driver?

Sorry if these questions are answered somewhere else.

I am seriously enjoying my two Anduril lights and learning all it can do. Do you guys realize how lucky we are that our questions get answered by the person who wrote the software! Where else can you do something like that? Thanks for answering questions directly TK.

It really depends on the hardware. It’s portable across a small range of chips and driver styles, but so far, it kinda needs to run on a driver which was designed for it. One can’t easily get it running on random major-brand flashlights.

So … it’s complicated. Hardware enablement is basically its own profession, and I can’t cover all the details in a single forum post.

A lighthouse mode(like beacon, but with fast ramp up/ramp down) would be a nice add on to the blinkies :stuck_out_tongue:

Would anduril run good on eg. a Lexel 8+1 non-fet driver?

It should be fairly easy to do that, considering that the drivers are designed specifically to run various BLF firmware.

Doesn’t Anduril have two momentary brightness levels when locked out? When I first received my FW3A, I thought one click and hold (when locked out) was moon, and two click and hold was brighter? Maybe I’m not remembering correctly, but my light only has moon when locked out. Did I inadvertently change a setting?

No, you just need to update the firmware to a version newer than the 6/2 version to have 2-stage lockout (and then program the stepped modes ramp floor to your desired 2nd stage brightness)