This is a great resource for step by step instructions on how to program your Anduril flashlight.



… okay.

It might be a good idea to include the UI diagram too.

The lights that currently use this UI are:

Fireflies ROT66
Fireflies PL47
Fireflies E07

I don’t think I’d call it the Fireflies UI. It was created before Fireflies was, and supports several different lights:

  • BLF/Lumintop GT
  • BLF/Lumintop GT-Mini
  • BLF/Thorfire/Sofirn Q8
  • BLF/Sofirn LT1 Lantern
  • BLF/TLF/Lumintop FW3A
  • Emisar D4
  • Emisar D1
  • Emisar D1S
  • Emisar D4S
  • Emisar D18
  • Fireflies PL47 (and E07)
  • Fireflies ROT66
  • Fireflies E01
  • Mateminco/Astrolux MF01S
  • Sofirn SP36

… and there are more being added over time. Look at the cfg-*.h files to get an up-to-date list at any time.

The FF E07 isn’t actually a supported build target, but the PL47 version is used on the E07. Its thermal behavior would probably be a bit better if there was an E07 version though, calibrated for the E07’s larger thermal mass.

Note: Not all of these lights ship with Anduril. Being supported doesn’t mean being configured that way by the manufacturer.

In Anduril, how do I disable all strobe/blinkie modes?

To avoid the strobe and blinky modes, don’t click 3 times from off.

Could you upgrade the UI picture with Aux LED support?


It’s time for the manufacturers to start providing little sticky “Anduril Inside” labels on lights — and suchlike for other software.

Like the old familiar ones from the CPU/operating system war days

For those of us not up to programming our flashlights.

Or maybe the light could blink out the name of its operating system in Morse Code …

If somebody like a visual form better:

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On my newest DS4 sst20 3000k version, I do not detect a difference between ceiling of the ramping and 2xclick turbo. Is this due to maxing out the led or it it a setting or electrical issue? I’ve tested IMRs that work perfectly in the xpl hi version. I’ve also tested it on the lux meter which showed possibly marginally lower output.

If you have stock D4S it doesn’t have Andúril firmware.

Meh. I’d rather they didn’t. Freeme does that sometimes in promotional materials, and it’s cringey. I don’t like marketing, and don’t like being treated as a brand instead of a person.

It’s quite possible that the ceiling-to-turbo transition could jump from one side of the hill to the other. The emitter’s output curve (lumen output according to amperage) has a peak, and going past that peak is unhealthy for the emitter. After the peak is reached, increasing the power actually decreases the lumens while dramatically increasing the heat. So if turbo makes the lumens go down, don’t use turbo. It could easily be shortening the life span of the emitters.

However, RampingIOS V3 is literally a copy of Anduril with some things removed and rearranged. The basic ramping functions are identical.

So ramp ceiling was visually the same as turbo so I changed to the stepped ramping. Now there is a pretty big difference between top step and the turbo. It was almost like the ramp was going all the way up to turbo. But I think you may be correct and turbo was jumping the current just over the curve. I think for this one I will keep it this way since it appears to adhere to expected operation. It’s nice to have options, thanks TK. Is the top step usually less output than the factory setting for the ramping ceiling?

I’m observing identical behaviour with my, just delivered, Emisar D18 with brand new button top VTC6 cells. In the default smooth ramped mode, there was no difference between the top of the ramp and turbo, while there is a noticeable difference in stepped mode. I prefer my ramp to go from moonlight to turbo, anyway, so I since configured it that way; but is there a chance these are coming delivered with the top of the smooth ramp being set to 150/150? Not a big deal. Just curious as I like to understand my lights’ configs as much as possible! Anduril is amazing, BTW!

The default config for D18 is:

  • 1x7135 highest level: 50
  • Nx7135 highest level: 100 (highest regulated level)
  • Smooth ramp: 1 to 100
  • Stepped ramp: 25 to 100 in 7 steps
  • Thermal hard-drop level: 125
  • Turbo: 150

So if it arrived with the ceiling set to turbo, the config has been changed. Maybe someone at the factory tested it.

Thanks TK!

That’s how my D18 is ,I actually prefer smooth ramp to ramp to turbo.

If you want the light to ramp all the way from the lowest level to full power, it’s fairly easy to set up…

  1. Turn the light on.
  2. Click 4 times.
  3. At the first prompt, click 1 time.
  4. At the second prompt, click 1 time.


Configuring it for a lower level takes longer. Like, to set the ceiling to level 100 of 150, it’s the same process… but the second prompt needs 51 clicks instead of just 1.