Aneng 888S DMM + Bluetooth Speaker + Alarm Clock WTF?

This qualifies for an entry the “oddest test instrument of 2020” contest.

The Aneng AN888S combines a 19999 count DMM, blue tooth speaker and alarm clock in one bench top device. Power comes from 2 18650 batteries or mains.

I may buy one just for the novelty factor.

$62 CNY sale at Bangood. I couldn’t resist. Buyer’s remorse will come later. :slight_smile:

Everything but the kitchen sink.

Mine arrived yesterday.

A few quick first impressions:

The meter needs to be plugged into a charger to start the first time, even if the batteries are charged. After that it can be portable.

No CAT rating anywhere on the meter or the manual. No rating is better than the fake rating I’ve seen on other Aneng meters. The manual recommends disconnecting the charger when measuring high voltages. (good idea!!)

The power switch is in the back. :person_facepalming:

So far it is a good bench DMM for $61. Speed and accuracy are good. I haven’t tried all the ranges yet. I’m not going to risk anything over 24V without a good look inside the meter.

The display is large, bright and easy to read. The clock was easy to set. The thermometer is within reason. I’ll test it soon.

Update: Upgrading my phone from Android Pie to Android 10 fixed the BlueTooth issue.

2.500 from a 2.5000 voltage reference.

Upgrading my Nokia 7 plus from Android Pie to Android 10 fixed the audio issue. Speakers now work.

Watch out with that “bass shock” though… :partying_face:

lol. It is shocking. :wink:

The speakers are ok for casual listening. They are true stereo and there aren’t any annoying rattles. Sound is a bit muddy with an exaggerated mid-bass. The internal speakers on my 27” iMac sound better.

The instruction manual warns that using the speakers can interfere with mV range measurements.

I’m not aware of any other 19999 count 4 1/2 digit auto ranging bench DMM at this price point. Think of the speakers as a freebie that you can use or ignore.

The only thing missing is a CAT II rating, which I don’t need.

The auto-ranging Mastech MS-8040 is 22000 count and is about $140 on aliexpress. HKJ tested it. The 1000V CAT II rating is fake. Review of Mastech MS8040 I own the 3999 count version (M9803R). The two are very similar. Same case. Same power supply. Same controls.

If you don’t mind spending over twice as much, the MS-8040 has a couple of advantages. Most importantly, there is easy access to the fuses. Getting to the fuses on the AN-888S isn’t easy.

However, I recommend the AN-888S. The display is better and it is a lot less money.

The version I have came with two sets of test leads in the box and no batteries.

One set look and feel decent. The banana plugs are safety sheathed and NOT right angle. Right angle leads could be a little awkward with this meter. They are marked 1000V CAT III 600V CAT IV.

The shock leads are marked 1000V CAT III. There is an assortment of screw in tips and a pair of pretend screwdrivers.

I made a video of the AN-888S in operation. Not exactly a review but will give viewers a good idea of what it is like in operation.

Fascinating. I’m glad to hear it is a good value, but disappointed there is no bottle opener.

Nope no bottle opener. It does’t measure RH or wind speed either. Darn. A 1 or 2kV transient would likely blow it up. Oh and the speakers are not very good. I think I may have mentioned that a few times.

The box hints at a version with an app. I’d assume it will be over bluetooth. This $61 version does not a have it. There is a thread on EEVBlog about hacking the data connection, but there hasn’t been much news recently.

What it dosen’t do wireless phone charging too?

I am out….