Angle flashlight apparently titanium flavored...

Really good looking!

UI sounds great!!! Not a half press reverse clicky thing (which i dont like), sounds like full electronic switching!!

Wonder how many levels?

At that price i would go and purchase a zebralight. But i'ts looking good! Will probably become aqvailable at sub 30usd in HK shops sooner or later...

HK seems pretty good with their pricing though. Cant find it at their shop, maybe not yet, but thats usually about right.

At that price, the zebra with an optical reflector system would still be my pick. Then again, I still do prefer a TIR based light for close up work. I still use my 60 deg optic warm emitter for my headlight, giving the most usable beam.

Regardless, this is a nice torch for those who love scratched up metals!

Not actually titanium - just allegedly titanium plated then anodised. Easy way to test. Heat it to 300oC and keep it there for an hour or so. Any dye for anodised aluminium will change colour under those conditions. If it genuinely is titanium plated it probably won't. It might give some pretty colours if it genuinely is titanium plated.

It'd be a good idea to remove the O-rings, LED and electronics before cooking it.

I'm pretty skeptical of the 'Hard anodized Titanium' claim on this one. Titanium itself can be anodized, bit I don't think that aluminum can be 'anodized' with a titanium coating. Anodizing aluminum merely creates an artificially thick layer of aluminum oxide on a by definition, one cannot 'anodize' a titanium layer onto aluminum.

More likely it's merely a Nickel-alloy finish on the aluminum...but obviously, I could be wrong on this.


Just look like a shiny variation of the Ultrefire H1. I have the light and really enjoy for the small form factor and infinite brightness

I interpret the description as: made from aluminium and type 3 coated in a gray color which resembles titanium.

fireworm do seem to make 'titanium' flashlights. I do sometimes wonder whether they really are made from the type of titanium they advertise. For the lay person it would be difficult to differentiate between different grades.

Well that sucks... Nickel plated alum, much like the NDI silver. I must say though, the nickel plated alum on the NDIs is a Very nice finish, equaling that of real Ti for appearance, if not better for a more scratch resistant finish.