Anker LC40

Anyone tried the Anker LC40? It’s currently £10.99 on Amazon which seems a good price.

you get better lights
triple aaa is not as useful as a light with a single aa

Single AA light has a stepup converter
Triple AAA uses a linear driver

the battery capacity from an AA is alsmost as high as 3 AAAs, but the light is more compact and cheaper on primaries

That’s just under $12us. Personally, I don’t care for using AAA in the 3x carrier if I don’t have to. Increases the diameter considerable and since I have a bunch of 18650’s I don’t really have to. Also, if it were me, I think I’d probably be more inclined to opt for something like the Convoy S2+. It will cost you a couple more Euros at the entry level, proven track record, IPX8 (I think), higher lumen output, better modes, smaller diameter, etc…

I also like my BLF A6, which is on sale at BangGood for $20. A lot of options there, too.

The little Jetbeam torch with an AA battery is as cheap, and most likely much better. I have the Jetbeam u (AAA) which is fantastic. The Lumintop IYP365 takes 2 AAA, is compact, very well made, and available for a similar price, it’s superb. And the output is regulated. As said, these 3xAAA torches are usually if not always direct drive hence not regulated.

Thanks for the replies. I was thinking more of using it with an 18650 with the AAA as a backup. However Gearbest has the S2+ for £8.49 so will probably go with that.