Announced: The 4th annual BLF / Old-Lumens scratch made light contest

Hello everyone,

The Scratch Made Light Contest will begin in about two weeks!

Note: I decided to slightly change the contest title in honor of the grand master of scratch made lights and the founder of this contest: Old-Lumens!

Late summer / early fall is good for modding and building lights, so the contest begins July 18th and ends October 31th - just about the time darkness falls on the northern side of the globe (Again, sorry for the mates at opposite side. Hope you can bear it and won't mark this post as Rude! ;))

Now it's time for us all to start preparing:
1. You start innovating and wondering what kind of a special light to build [Note: You don't need to wonder if you should join.. Of course you will!]
2. You start thinking whether to join in Hand made or Machine made category
3. Just like the previous years, the prizes will be awesome! And for that we need again some premium sponsors:
PM me if you are interested in being a sponsor for this great contest.

More information and exact rules will be announced later. While waiting, you can read the previous contest threads for reference and inspiration:
2013: The BLF DIY Forum First Annual Scratch made light contest
2014: 2nd. Annual BLF Scratch Made Light Contest
2015: 3rd Annual BLF Scratch Made Light Contest

In case you wonder what kind of project should you start, try this piece of advice: "What would Old-Lumens do?"

There will be a separate registration thread, but please keep up discussing in this thread: Announce that you are participating, keep up the spirit, share inspiring ideas, do whatever is needed to make this a great event!

Let's have some light building & modding fun!

Sweet! I have been waiting for a long time… This year I will participate with a BIG project, because that’s what OL would do :slight_smile:

Well, well, well.

What’s this then, eh??


Has anyone got some spare time they dont need?
Thanks for running this the.

Oh how I wish to have skills to enter bit seeing all those impressive things made I dare not enter.
Would like to offer my services as judge though.

I will enter again this year in hopes of finishing this time! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m really looking forward to seeing what others come up with, though!

Awesome! I’ve got a build in mind that is inspired by Old-Lumens.

Looks like the contest offers plenty of time to get a light finished this time around. Will it be against the rules this time to make an entry in both categories?


Maybe I should enter this time. How hard can it possibly be to make a scratch-built flashlight? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is going to be fun. I’m exited to see what new ideas turn up this year!

Mine will also be inspired by OL and RBD as well. If you enter both comps I believe we’ll all be the richer for it.

I feel the same but sooner or later you have to take the plunge. I watched in awe before but this year I’ll try :student:

Gotta do it again. :crown:

Looking forward to the amazing works again.

I don’t have the funds, and with my health I don’t really have the spare time (not to mention the lack of skill) so I won’t be entering but I look forward to seeing what others come up with.

I was thinking that it might be nice if we could have some of the more experienced members help to mentor people who are entering for the first time. Obviously being BLF there is no real need for specific mentoring as people can start a build thread and get advice but it might help boost confidence. Maybe even just a mentor thread would encourage a few extra people to partake?

This whole place is a mentor forum but if anyone wants to pair up with someone in particular just send them a pm and ask. Similar time zones would be an aid in getting timely answers.

I’ve bagged RBD already. :laughing:

Great to see the contest running again! :slight_smile:
Since i won the first place prize the last two years in a row, i will step back this year as a judge or a guide to help others any way i can, or offer assistance to the contest in other ways.

Very sorry to hear of your health problems. Possibly a simple build. Once you go looking through all of the older contests, you might see something that is not expensive to do. As far as modders being mentors, we are just people like everyone else and most likely the onus should be on the one who wants to learn, to PM some of the promiment modders and ask for help. Watching the builds is many times, just as fufilling as doing them.

Anyhow, good luck to everyone and I hope you find something you might try to make, you never know till you try. If a person has some common sense, they can go far. If not, they can still be Blonde and proud of it.

I tell everyone who would like to try, give it a go. If it works, it works and if it fails, at least you tried. Failure is never as bad as never even trying. Failure is just more infamous.

I am going to give it a go! I have an idea already thought out in my head. Hahahaha i cant draw for shit this should be fun!

It’s a good thing this isn’t a cartoon contest then.