do yall think it’s possible to ano the Ti tubes/bodies? ive been wanting to do an entropic anodizing on a light but im not to sure it would work, if anyones tried it id like to hear before i go out and buy a Ti light and all the materials lol

I dont know that I have seen one but there’s alot of knife makers doing it.
Maybe try at the knife forums to gain some knowledge or ask some questions.
It makes some beautiful knives.

its honestly kinda hard to talk about it in the knife making community as it is a veryyyyy well kept secret. up until about two months ago there was nothing public about it until one dude just let loose with the info in a fb group and made a short half-assed youtube video about it. pretty much the emphasis of the thing is a high polish, which i dont know how high of a polish or what, nobody has ever went into detail about it.

I know it’s an old thread but: TO DO ENTROPIC ANODIZING

1. Heat titanium with a torch.
2. Dip it into ferric chloride.

That’s it, Seriously.
Try it you will see.

oh i know! i was more worried about surface prep beforehand more than anything

I sanded one piece to a high gloss, almost mirror finish and left another in the grey titanium color.
Then I cleaned each piece with hot soapy water before heating.
After heating and dipping both pieces had similar results, except that one was a lot shinier.

It doesn’t look like much but the effect is there.

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is it possible to do with other metals, aluminium, steel ,copper etc

Some ‘entropic’ anodizing of my SH-g lanyard’n’grip rings for 1” SF-like bodies

The difference is only in the temperature of the solution: cold produce blue and purple with azure lines then hot produce gold|violet|green drops

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