anodizing repair

i am looking for something better than a sharpie with no hassle.

not much out there but i found this

Aluminum Black Metal Finish

anyone tried this or anything else that works and not expensive ?

also just an FYI if you want to try this i guess they have this at gun shops.will check out the local smoke n gun tomorrow : )

Well it is for gun repair jobs and although I havent used it personally the products from that company comes highly recommended. Be aware though that the stuff is most likely poisonous.

And be careful to follow the instructions, sometimes these things are sensitive to even small things. Best of luck though and happy experimenting.

Birchwood Casey also do a terrific pen for touching up (Gloss or Matt). See here. Its usually also available on Amazon.

here is one “to blacken or antique brass, copper and bronze parts”

Brass Black Metal Touch-Up

somone inquired in another post thought i would up[ date this

have not tried it to date :stuck_out_tongue: