Another 2AA Maglite - bites the dust... No Wait, it lives!!

Well, I said I had some inexpensive lights to play around with. This one isn't one of them.

This 2AA will end up being a 3AA, with a tail switch and an XR-E on a heatsink.


It staretd out with an incan 2AA and some copper fittings/pipe. I decided to go 3AA because I wanted to work on the "Human Lathe" technique. I need to use that on my cut down 2D, so I'm practicing here.


I am using a Dremel tool in my variable speed drill. I also have tried the stone, but stones and aluminum do not work.


Both pieces are now cut for the copper pipe. The pipe is 1/2" type "M". Type "L" will not work, as the batteries will not go in. Type "M" is a much thinner wall.

The pipe is the inner piece that fits into both ends of the light body. The 1/2" unions are the outer piece and I solder them together and to the inner pipe, to make a strong insert.



I think I will leave it with the "brushed look".

I also decided to use a tail switch, so I could have some room for a small heat sink in the top of the body tube. Chicago X had sent me a couple of switches to play with. I think the one I massacred was a Rominsen? Not sure about it, but it had an all aluminum body/threads, so I cut off all the threads and smoothed it down, then I bored out the Maglite tailcap.




I will be adhering the switch into the cap with a two part epoxy bond, that is like a putty in a tube. That stuff hardens really well and I can sand and trim on it. It's similar to JB Weld.

I still have to order emitters from one of the US sources, so this is another "WIP" job.


Ok, I got some time to work more on this light. I decided that the all copper center section did not look good at all, but I found a way to make it look better and more unique.


I sprayed just the copper with Krylon Crystal clear Acrylic. Then I cut a piece of painters masking tape into thin strips and put them on the copper. I did it by eye without measuring anything. After that I painted the whole thing with Rustoleum Textured Metallic and removed the tape. The final coat was another coat of Krylon.

Here's some close-up shots.




I really like this textured finish, with the copper flake in it.

I also worked on the heat sink a little. Here's some photos.


It's a 3/8" copper end cap, with a 1/4" copper end cap inside and the rest is solder.


It still needs finishing work, but you can get the idea.

The positive terminal will be isolated from the heat sink with a plastic washer and the brass washer will be the contact, with the wire soldered to it.


The heat sink will be pressed into the barrel and will be flush, with the emitter sitting on top.


That's all for now...


Nice start! Looking forward to seeing further development on this. I'd ask why you didn't just start out with a 3*AA Mini-Mag and a Nite-Ize tail switch but that'd just be plain silly to ask.

very nice start cant wait to see the finished flashlight

Old-lumens, you rock! You and i have so much in common, we're both old! Kidding aside, I love what you do!

Great job, as always.

The Romisen forward clicky looks great in the tail.

More progress and photos in the first post.

Well, I got it all together. It doesn't work. The switch is bad and I feel foolish for not checking it before using it. Or it could have gone bad with all the modification it underwent. Anyhow it is bad and I'm gonna leave it for now. I did go ahead and test the light minus tail cap and it lights, but it's a really fugly beam. I kinda knew it would be. An XR-E and such a small reflector. Ringy and very ugly. If I ever go buy one of those Nite ize or Terralux switches, I will get the light to working, but not right now.

Life goes on...

So carry on.

That's nice work! (Especially love the copper detailing.) Hope it jumps out of the drawer in a little while and gets the rehab it deserves.

but then I go and find a way. I bought a Nite ize tail cap.

Don't like it, but at least it lives now.


Finished Light


Used Krylon on the reflector to stop the rings.


Head all the way in at 6" away.


Head all the way in at 3' away. Ja it's a Flooder Now!


Head all the way out from 3' away. At least there's some adjustment.

I'm done. I'm not satisfied, but I hardly ever am satisfied with anything, so why should this be different?

It's up for sale shortly, will go very cheap, as I just am not satisfied with it.

I've been remiss in not posting this sooner, but sometimes life gets in the way. No pics just yet, will try to post a few tonight, but nothing really to add to the nice ones above. This will be short and sweet - not a full review. If you are like me, you look forward to seeing Old-Lumen's posts to see what ingenious way he has decided to go in modifying simple and inexpensive torches. His projects are always fun to see develop and this one was no exception, so when he put it up for sale I decided to jump on it. Especially considering that a 2AA Mini-Mag might be on sale for that price at most retail outlets.

Shipped Fast - 2 days! Pretty good from Texas to Illinois.
Great Customer Service - personalized messages from the vendor, pre-ship and post-receipt
Excellent Packaging - Well padded in bubble wrap, the paper towel around the light itself was just a bonus.
Workmanship - Pictures above are better than anything I can come up with, but they don't do this thing justice. It really is a nice looking light and it is unique. None of you suckers has one quite like it. The copper taping and spacer are very nice accents. Great balance and good grip. Annodizing is good, not a nick anywhere.
Performance - Nice floody beam, excellent for close up work around the house, about as bright as you could want for a household flashlight.
Other Features - Runs great on 3 AAA copper tops, one mode click switch; No farting around with mode changes, this thing just comes on.

More Copper! - Yes, I'm a fan and you just can't have enough. I think another copper band just below the head would have been perfect. Copper with turquoise annodizing? Now you're talking some serious bling.
Clicker doesn't Click - I'm just makin' sh1t up here so I don't get accused of being biased Laughing. The Nite Ize switch has no tactile feedback, it goes on or off with no 'click' feel or sound. And I can live with that.
Classic Mag Zooming Head doesn't Zoom - Well what do you expect? It's got an LED in it now, not a 1/2" long incan bulb. I can live with that as well.

Rating: Recommended!
Great little light for snooping in dark corners or boxes, walking the dog or whatever. Looks like no other, hand crafted in By-God Texas. To think that this thing was just a twinkle in it's daddy's eyes two weeks ago is amazing.

Thanks, Old-Lumens. A very fine job indeed.

BetweenRides, thank you so much for the kind words. I am glad that you like it and it pleases me that someone will enjoy something I have made. That's the real payback for me.

I thank you and I am grateful for your post,


Hey Justin!

You do good work.

Wish I could do half as well.

Impressed. Your failures look better then my successes.