Another German

Hi everyone!

Ever since things went bad over at "the other" flashlight forum, I found myself lurking here, wondering how I could have missed this forum. It's so much nicer over here (and much more affordable too ). So, I thought I should join the fun, and since it's the middle of the night and I might get a chance for getting a glimps at the easter bunny with my new KD C8 (bought because of the many good reviews here), I'll keep it short, and just take the opportunity of wishing everybody nice easter holidays (oder: Frohe Ostern )



Welcome confusius! Thanks for joining, we're very glad to have you here. Feel free to jump right into the fun with flashlight reviews, links to deals, purchasing tips, whatever you want.

Best regards.

Welcome to BLF, Confusius! Like SB said, make yourself at home, and HAPPY EASTER!

Welcome :)

Herzliche wilkommen!!

Happy Easter and welcome!

Nice to have you onboard. Smile

Aloha and welcome to BLF Confusius!

happy easter and welcome to blf confused us :)

Confusius says . . . welcome!

Welcome to BLF Confusius! Just pretend the other place was a bad dream.

Hi and welcome to this nice place.

Thanks for the friendly welcome, you guys are great!

@ Mr. Admin: I will do my best

@ Match: I LOVE your mods! Got to try some of them myself!

@ Foy: What, you mean another one, besides the ones I already hoard? (L2 XP-G R5, L2 XR-E R2, L2P XP-G R4 WW with ShiningBeam driver, L2P XM-L @1.6 A, Skyline 2, and one L2r on the way to me) Well, I guess one more doesn't hurt... or three


Willkommen. Das Forum ist wirklich super, vor allem wenn es um Lampen geht, die im g√ľnstigeren Segment angesiedelt sind.

Greets Buwuve


Welcome Confusius! Hope you enjoy yourself here. :-)

Welcome to BLF Confusius!

Welcome top BLF confusius.

We all have a lot of fun here - hope you do too.