Another one just for Raccoon City

Told RC about this car a while back and thought it was a one time sighting. Figured out the owner works just up the road from where I live. Had police lights and satellite dish on top that are now removed. Talked to the owner and soon the car will have a roof rack, police light bar, two more antennas, large spotlights over police lights, two small bio hazard tanks mounted on the roof rack, and a rotating satellite disk on the roof. Anyone want to guess the make and model of the car?

I’m thinking we have a 94-96 Lexus ES 300

Wilson your right, it’s a 96 Lexus ES300.

Looks like I'm popular today! :bigsmile:

why do you call yourself twin towers?

did something bad happen to twin towers?

did the u.s. government destroy twin towers with an experimental non-nuclear missile?


that was raccoon city. :)

it really was an inside job!