Another reason to love Fast Tech, Check out their new order page!!

If you have ordered from them recently check it out.

I usually don’t bother checking tracking but with Fast Tech it’s actually fun. So a few minuets ago I realized I had deleted the e-mail from them so I went to my account to check. (after looking at the new listings). I clicked on the account number for my latest order and WOW. There is my number, there is each item listed as to what has been shipped (everything and it’s all right), they even have a picture of my package!!! Who does that??? Now to top it off I ordered it on the 17th and it arrived in San Fran on the 22nd.

Three Leds on bases, driver, copper pill, with op reflector, springs, and Fujik $21 delivered in a week with pictures of my package posted on my account page. How about them apples!!

Thank you Fast Tech for being consistently great!!

Easily the best order page I’ve seen. And, you get the same thing in a snappy Android app. Works good. I reported some bugs and they fix them.

Another company started doing that last year. I think it was Tmart. It's nice that Fasttech is doing that too.

Well… I ordered some batteries from FASTTECH yesterday and….
They were shipped out within 6 hours of placing my order :slight_smile:
Is that fast or what?

Yes I like this, too. Some of the pictures are ok, but a few are out of focus and I’m not able to read anything of the printing on the package (I have a enlarge add on in my browser and even with this, it is not possible to get a readable letters). I think, this must be improved.

Another shop, who did this is buyincoins (with better pictures).

Does it actually serve any purpose, seeing photos of the basket contents? I hope this is automated and doesn’t give them more work to do. I’m happy with the standard email notification.

I go to Fasttechs order page MUCH too often…. :frowning: …went again yesterday. They are a hard habit to break!

They had that for many weeks already! It doesnt show the basket content but just the outer stickers of the package. I guess the picture taking was for quality assurance themselves. And they thought, why not show it to customers too?

They got a web developer taking Continuous Product Improvement philosophy to a honutha level. It’s a marvel to watch their subtle tweaks to storefront, inventory control, order management, shipping… I’m sure supply chain gives them fits but I can’t help but think they are poised to explode their category offerings.

cant help thinking in the back of my mind will they become a victim of there own success ? they seem to be growing daily
don’t get me wrong its fantastic, hope they have the infrastructure to cope. I’ve not had one mixed up order yet… Kudos

just my 2 cents


FT has the best procedures for recording and tracking orders of any vendor I have dealt with. :slight_smile: Most others do not provide enough or accurate information to have any idea as to the status or what was ordered. Kudos to FT.


I ordered a 504b from DX, and some protected Sanyos on the 7th March from FastTech.

The DX order turned up earlier in the week (maybe the 20th), but no sign of the batts yet.

I placed an order with Fasttech last night at 1900 hrs local time; at 0700 local time this morning I got a ‘shipped’ notification. Pretty had to beat that.

Maybe it was Dealextreme I was thinking of. My last order shows the package in a basket.

DX sometimes has pixs of your items in a basket. Of my many orders, I’ve seen it once or twice.

I think DX started doing it at the beginning of the year. My order that shipped on December 31st doesn't have a picture, but pictures started showing up on my orders after January 7th.

Maybe soon like dino direct they will show the girls who pack your order

Bunny ,cupcake and kitten ...

That was it. I was thinking of Dino Direct all along.

Fasttech did that picture and list thing on my last order too. Danged nice!! Those folks are good to deal withas far as I can tell. It took them a few days to get the order out but there was quite a list of stuff. I was /am pleased!