Another spaniard says hello!!

Hello there!

I've just placed orders everywhere for some nice flashlights around $10 each plus a penlight of $2, but all of them are "yellow lights". 2 or 3 weeks wait before arrival!


Estamos conquistando el mundo linternil

Can you put links of that 2$ penlight please?

Welcome Davidx.

( Buena apreciación de gentilicio "spaniard" poca gente lo usa y es lo correcto).

Welcome Davidx!

Good to have you here.


check for coupons on their facebook page, last friday there was a 5% discount in all orders

Welcome to BLF

Thanks!!! But that is a LED or a incandescent bulb????

Welcome to BLF!

yavi, Don, Langcjl thx for your warm welcome

@fran82 I can read "Comes with one LED light." in the product description so it should do. Probably is similar to the sinounion penlight that Don has in his google spreadsheet, a 10/15L flashlight with a long runtiime on 2x AAA

thx edc

Thanks davidx

Welcome to BLF! You almost have my same nick!

Welcome to BLF, David!!

When you say "yellow lights" do you mean the LED puts out yellow light? or do you mean they all have yellow bodies? Or do you mean they all have warm emitters? LOL :D

What do you think?

Holy cow!!! Someone likes yellow light!!

It can be an incandescent bulb, too

@davx total coincidence, i promise!

yellow lights actually are budget warm tints

Five weeks later..... I got only 3 flashlights out of the 6 I was waiting for:

Buyincoins -> Trustfire F20 yellow light 4-modes

Dynodirect -> Tank TK737 cold white.

Priceangels -> Black Cat HM-01 warm white. Actually they send me the cold white instead of, so

Tomtop -> SK68 copy did not arrive yet, probably will get a refund next week

Saraoutlet -> Horrible!! I never got a response from them till I opened a paypal claim. Got a refund for the $2 yellow light penlight. They sent me a shipment confirmation for the other small sun C82 flashlight this week. COMPLETELY DISSATISFIED

Hola davidx desde ALMERIA