Another Throw Question

I'm looking for a good thrower at around the $30 price range..

From what I'm reading the HS-802 is a good candidate at $25. The Skylines are on sale at below $30 too..

Any more suggestions? 18650s,14500s,CR123 and AAs would be okay. Don't care much for spill or flood. Runtimes could probably be around 40 - 60 mins at high(above that would be better)

I just want one to impress the girls

--I just want to get rid of that newbie flashaholic itch of - more throw! more throw! more throw!

Thanks a bunch to those who will help - I know this has been asked a million times, but flashlight technology and prices change so fast these days..

plus another question, what emitter gives the best throw? At first I had the impression that since the XM-L was the latest it should be the brightest, hence give the best throw - but apparently not..

I love my Palight C8 with the XP-G. So far, it is my best thrower and my favorite light. I think it was less than $20.

Read Foy's review of that light on here in the BLF. They also make it in a less expensive XR-E, but with the C8 I like the XP-G.

If you want an AA sized light, try the WF 501A, it takes a single cr123 battery. With an XR-E dropin (about $12) it makes a great thrower in a very small package. But granted, if you have a small package, it may not impress the girls.

BTW, XR-E's have the most focused beam, especially if you get it with a smooth reflector. So they appear to be more throw-y.

But an XM-L will still put as much light on the subject at the same distance; it will also light up everything around it that the beam from the XR-E missed. So I guess it is a question of beam shape more than real light on the subject.

Those 2 lights you mention are very good throwers. Smaller emiters are better throwers, i.e. Q5/R2. But yeah, you can find XM-L throwers also, with big and SMO reflector.

What about an XR-E with an aspheric in front of it? That should give more throw than just about any stock light and would make the smaller form factor lights compete with some of the larger.

This one fits the standard P60 Host head:

and the price sure is right.

Glass optic could be a solution but it depends on emitter.

I you want to have a good thrower, you can choose a recoil thrower like these:

my hs-801(same reflector as 802) can throw about 300m. i can vaguely see the hotspot on the building nearby, and google map estimated ~300m. I got mine at buyincoins, and the head is not glued.

I have this lens coming my way, and i am gonna using it in this 4xAA host with a XRE-R2. should receive the lens next week.

i don't have a recoil thrower, so i don't know. good luck on your search.

I have to put in a plug for the Ultrafire MCU-C88.

Great throw, uses AA's.......and looks and feels like a ~$100 light.

The sipik ck361 mentioned and linked to above is a really good thrower and cheap at less than$15. My next thrower will be an 801/802.

The Skyline 1 has exceptional throw, as you've said you don't care about it's lack of spill then it's a good buy.

The other little niggle with it is that it performs better on 2 x cr123 (non-rechargable) than it does on 1 x 18650.

The switch is not rated for 2x16350.

With my HS-802 (drawing 1400mA from a freshly charged battery - stock driver) I can just make out a light-painted house at 500m (measured from map) when the atmospheric conditions are at their best.

I can't expect to achieve that every day, though.

Andi turned me on to this. The C5 is said to have more throw than the C8.

I have not been able to find any info on what it drives at. I would like to order one (C5 or C8) but I don't want to have to change the driver.

Thanks everyone for the response.. Now you got me more confused! LOL

Honestly I'm leaning on the Skyline because I've read that Solarforce has exceptional quality, but seeing all the other lights here..

The Sipik CK361 and the Palight C8 for just $15, then the Ultrafire C88 which takes AA. hmmmm

UniqueFire HS-801/802 and Skyline have no competitors, in the price to 30$

I just put in a request to Manafont about carrying the Brinyte XML-C5. Audrey said she has forwarded the request to purchasing. From comments Andi made, it seems to combine the massive output of the Ultrafire UF-980L with the same type of super deep reflector of the Uniquefire HS-802. Here's the q5 version of the reflector it uses:

I hope they get it as I am very interested in the light, but I'd really not like to try to buy from bestinone. Perhaps if a few more request it, we can make sure that it happens.

The Brinyte C5 is the HS-802, or "UF900", or take a look at manafont´s USA168, also same body (but reflector with thread).

My C5/HS-802 now has a XML U2 2S and a 3,5A 3-mode driver :)

(the hotspot is really tiny, but really bright, so at short/middle distance my C8 is more useful)

...As i buyed my Brinyte with XML, it had a 1,4A driver in it (shenzen).

I feel the same way SirJohn. I would rather order from Manafont they don't seem to play the games that Best IN None plays. I'll send them a E-mail also. I like the idea of a thrower with a XML.

Hope it works if not I may have to break down and buy it from Bestinnone. Maybee if Manafont decides to sell the C5 or C8 XML they will give us some info & pics on the specs.

Comparing KD C8 with original XML T6, KD C8 with chanched LED: XML U2 1A from KD and the Brinyte with XML U2 2S from Cutter and a 3,5A driver.

(1m from wall, at more distance the difference between the hotspot size (C8-Brinyte) is larger)

Any idea if that is the typical driver in the C5 or is it just the luck of the draw?

I did E-Mail Manafont and Jims responce was that he will pass it along to the purchasing department.

He also asked if I can get him more info on the light. Oh, and by the way the Palight C8 R5 is currently unavailable due to market shortage at Manafont.

I think, it´s maybe like the C8 XML from manafont & KD...


MF=1,4-1,5A (maybe they have chanched the driver now, don´t know)

+1 on the Skyline 1 if you like a pencil beam thrown a long way. One of these days I'll get around to an actual review but the Skyline 1 can put a useful spot of light on something two blocks away. It's built like a tank, all aluminum is thick and well finished and the anodizing is superb. For a mildly driven XR-E in something barely seven inches long . . .