Another UK member

Hello everybody!

Just thought I would introduce myself and say “Hi” to you all.

I have always liked to see where I’m going in the world and that’s where the torches come in handy.

I have a little ‘button’ LED torch on every set of keys in the house, a Mag Sol (modded), AA MiniMag, 2D Mag, a generic no-name 14500 LED torch and an Ultrafire C8 (unhappy with it because it doesn’t have memory |( )

I’ll detail the modded Sol in another post and also a repair that is needed to the no-namer (when the emitter arrives from FastTech)

Apart from the Sol, all torches are currently standard but hoping that will change as and when funds allow.

My interests are family, my alsatian dog, torches, fishing and survival/prepping.

Well, I hope I haven’t bored you all to sleep and I’m going to dive in and have a look around.

Catch you all later! :wink:

Welcome 8)


The subject of your thread evoked thoughts of a second “British Invasion” :)!!

I’m still kind of new here, but I guess that I still get to say “Welcome” :)…


Welcome to BLF staffyman.

This made me chuckle as I used to have those too and thought they were fantastic before I discovered Cree LED lights :D

You'll love it here, the guys 'n' gals and all friendly and knowledgable :)



Well, I’m friendly, at least… not so much “knowledgeable” yet :)!

hi, first question, where abouts in great Britain? second, show us the mods! we like mods :bigsmile:

welcome to the forum, enjoy 8)

Welcome ,at first thought your user name thought you may have staff bull terriers,but no you have german shepherds :bigsmile:

Welcome staffyman.

Howdy, fellow prepper.

Have fun and collect batteries.

Have a nice time here, staffyman!

Welcome to BLF, staffyman! :party:

Welcome staffyman!

Well thankyou all for the lovely replies.

My username is staffyman because up until 8 years ago I used to have 3 Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Sadly, they grew old one by one and went to a better place. :_(

My GF prefers alsatians. Wouldn’t get rid of Max for anything, he’s a big daft soft cuddly teddybear. Got a loud mouth though. :~

Here he is:

My part of the UK is Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Don’t need to collect batteries as I use rechargables. :bigsmile:

I like Milla too :wink:

Welcome to BLF Staffyman!

Welcome mate :beer: Hope all is well across the pond.

You have good taste in K9s. :slight_smile: Staffys & Bullys are two of my favorite breeds… if I’m totally honest I really want a Dobe the most though. My current living arrangement is not conducive to any of the above. :frowning:

If you want a good C8 to get that crappy Ultrafire taste out of your mouth, try a XinTD C8 from intl outdoor or a Convoy C8 from fasttech. Those seem to be the best two around currently. Both have options for you to choose like emitters, modes, reflector type, etc.

Good day and good prepping to you sir :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF! You'll love being here! :)

Max is quite handsome! He reminds me of my family's old German Shepherd, Garth.


...I like Milla too [/quote]

Yeah, she's almost as cute as Nemesis. 8)

Welcome to BLF! Oh no another Brit! It IS an invasion! We must teach him to use the proper word . . . "flashlight". Just kidding with you! You'll enjoy it here!


welcome fellow brit :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome!