Another Wallbuys 20-50% off sale.

I know we probably don’t need another WallBuys thread, but this is to give you a heads up on a brand new promotion for those that wish to participate:

I have been very happy with my three WallBuys purchases so far, and will probably be looking at this promotion to add a AAA keychain light (YEZL/Olight/Fenix/other?), as well as the $32 Sky Ray King.

The YEZL S7 for $13.68 here:

The Olight i2 EOS for $21.42 here:

Fenix E01 for $10.69 here:

Sky Ray King here for $32:

Any recommendations on a AAA keychain light, or alternative to the SRK?

I was eyeing that SkyRay King too, but its the 3000k warm white version. Note: only 5 in stock too.


i said after the new years sale, that i was done buying flashlights for quite a while! i don’t think i’ll find something that i need (=want) enough to break that.

but maybe i’ll buy a flashlight for my girlfriend :zipper_mouth_face:

I am STILL waiting for my first order to come. It was processed through HK on 1/13/13 and that is the last update I have. No way am I going to order more from them until these show up.

Also, I purchased a King on the last promo, only to have the price go up after I submitted my reservation. To me, that's total crap. They claimed the supplier raised the price. Well, that may be true, but they should have honored the price advertised. It ended up being not much cheaper than elsewhere, so I decided not to get it.

This one kind of annoys me as well. I am still waiting on an order from last year. I was going to buy a SRK last time but was not happy with the zero communication from my first order. Plus the discount only brought it down to Fast tech’s price anyway. Then they said no more big deals for a long time. So I bought the FandyFire SRK from Fast tech. for $42.75 it was ten dollars more than this sale.

Oh well I probably wouldn’t have been one of the first five and it would probably have taken a month or so to get it. Plus I am still waiting on the flashlight I bought from them back in late December.

I hope to get the flashlight I ordered soon and I also hope that they manage to get their stuff together. For now I am sticking with Fast Tech.

They no longer seem concerned about the load a sale might have on their servers (maybe they've upgraded?).

I probably won't buy anything, but it will be fun to shop around. Thanks for the info.

I got two of my three Xmas orders. Couldn’t be happier. Can’t believe the low price I got this stuff for. I got a bike light today that was $15 or so during their sale. It is a nice light. I wish I had bought several to give as gifts. I just didn’t know if they would ship all this stuff.

I got a Nitecore T2s which is a tiny AAA keychain light. I don’t recommend it. The Thrunite Ti is twice the light at half the price.

They have the Olight Eos for $16 in a couple of colors. That is a very nice 1AAA light and if you don’t have one, get one. You will judge all other lights by it. Quality is great, brightness is great. If you drop in a 10440 it becomes a 200 lumen flame thrower.

Out of all my lights the ones that impress non-flashaholics the most are my SRK and my Olight Eos with a 10440. People can’t understand how such a tiny light can produce so much light.

the price will probably go up on the king again like last time

Maybe they expected more people to use the upload your order in advance solution, it’s a very easy way to avoid busy server time. Most criticisms I see levelled at Wallbuys I think are justified. but this really is a none issue when they have provided a workable way round it.

As for upgrades, do you want a fast site that can handle a once every two month peak load or the biggest discount? Somebody has to pay for the bandwidth.

Silicone lube 97cents…

Well I have to participate now… unless they swap the prices again like last time. :wink:

I have seen nothing really tempting this time.
Seems a lot are the same products like the last sale…

me too. will buy some cheap Fenix plastics made by Bayer, lemme note down the prices before they raisem again, promtional prices are 3.56$ (incl 20% off; 7.50$ on, 1.11$ (incl 20% off; 3.10$ on MF) thanks!

Well, this one is just a clearance sale, it is starting in an hour, I doubt they have much time to do their price-change magic anyway. And it is on until some time in February or stock cleared.

The “other” Wallbuys big sale (up to 70%) will be unveiled on 7th February. (Didn’t they say no more sale for a “long” time? 2 weeks long enough, haha)

This pisses me off another sale and some of the stuff is discounted more then they said they could do on the last sale!
Example the TR-3T6 last sale was $28 and now $24 on this sale. This is BS!!!

Edited - forgot to put in there that i bought one at the $28 price. :quest:

Lemme get this straight…you are pissed because there are LOWER prices? Some people are never satisfied.

Lemme tell you this that i left out…… I freakin purchased one at that price!!!

Call me old fashioned, but sales never piss me off. :bigsmile:

So if you buy something at a price on a advertised sale that they say they can not mark down any further then weeks later they put it on sale again at a lower price your ok with that?

The question is, were you happy paying the price you did at the time? If so, and it can subsequently be bought cheaper, well, life’s like that.

Anyway, who bought up all the Yezl silicon grease? We know you are out there. :wink:

Missed the silicone grease too. And that floodlight, dang, I must have missed that three times already. All gone in 3 minutes! Wallbuys, you better stack those up for the 7th Feb sale, if you’re making profit what have you got to lose.

Well, at least I know there are bigger addicts than me with happier trigger finger, haha. :bigsmile:

There 4pcs left of that 3T6 at $24 anyhow.

EDIT: Aaand they’re gone.