Another XINTD Light to Test (X6)—11607

I’ve been a guinea pig a few times recently. It’s time for someone else to test this baby out. Should be well-driven stock with this driver. Anyone game?

Not XINTD, but XINID :wink:

Looks an awful lot like a Convoy L2, doesn't it?

XINTD on the flashlight tube though.

Looks like a fun light from the pics. :slight_smile:

Looks nice.

All this time around here and I NEVER noticed that light or review! Thanks!

One of my favourite hosts. My only 26650 mod host.
It's getting a XM-L2 and 5A driver soon.

All sold out everywhere I look, though.

Fasttech used to have a host. It looks like RMM is coming out with a 2 cell MT-G2 driver that should work nicely in this light.

It’s definitely a Convoy L2.

Convoy L2 copy(funny,more expensive,and slightly inferior design).

Lustefire K-08 is another one.