Another YouTube Ad Scam

Just for entertainment. I found this product breakdown…
A magic device that can increase your battery health by (up to) 200% !
Charge your cell phone in well almost negative time!

All the Best,

didn’t know such a charger existed, but good to find all the scams out there.
I have a similar looking charger, but it does exactly what it says on the packaging or the aliexpress listing.

I mean technically all modern smartphones use “high voltage” lithium batteries 3.85v nominal, and charge to 4.35v - 4.4v, which are known to not last as long as “normal” ones that charge to 4.2v as far as charge cycles and lifetime. But there’s a tradeoff they’re making, they’re giving more capacity at the cost of less cycles in the same size battery. 3.85v batteries also tend to have a higher self discharge rate in my experience. Most people would want more capacity and runtime than longevity, since in 2 years it’ll likely be obsolete/replaced anyways…

I still am seriously amazed at how they can cram 5000mah of capacity in my smartphone when only the highest capacity 21700 I see is 5000mah and is much bigger. However, I have ancient old 18650s that still work, my “oldest” 3.85v battery is yet to hit 3 years old so I can’t adequately test.

But yes, this product is a scam lol.