"ANSWERED" Will an MT-G2 led swap with a luxeon 5w?

The HD45 I have is a LuxV with the dat2zip (NBBx2 700ma high/100ma low) like this one:
Sold/Expired - FS McGizmo HD45 5 watt ***Sold*** | Candle Power Flashlight Forum****

I was researching and want to know if an MT-G2 6 volt will swap with the HD45 that has a luxeon 5 watt 6 volt led?

The diagonal of the square base is 12.55mm, the dome diameter is 8mm. Luexeon V is 9.6mm from where the tabs bend in a 90 degree angle.

What's the output current of driver, it should be quite low for Luxeon V, 700mA?

700ma high, 100ma low. Looking at the chart for lumens, 700ma puts it around 500 lumens.
The size surprised me because of seeing it mounted on a star, it didn’t look that large. I will go read the data sheet.
It’s a great light as is, may just leave it….

MTG2 only starts getting good at around 3A. I think it'd be a waste of a $20 LED to cripple it with a 700mA driver. Keep the current light as-is and find a proper home for the MTG2.

Thanks comfychair, great advice!

Hi Russ, did you want to modify the hd45 to give it more output or was it just a tint change? Because an mtg2 even at 700ma will achieve both these goals :slight_smile:
Might need a shim to get the focus correct but most importantly the mod is easily reversible…

Mtg love….

Yes to the output and warmer tint.
Newer leds give more lumens for the same runtime.
Less heat for the same output also.