Anti-spam Process Change Request

It has been pointed out that my OP was a bit rambly. Good point. Deleted excess text.

I request that clicks of the SPAM button should be publicly posted or available for download. This will allow those who righteously "Kill" a spammer to get credit, but at the same time take responsibility for unjustified clicks.

There is a double edge to this, it allows people to know who has a problem with something you posted, and that could lead to sleuthing and then harassment.
I have seen scarier things happen for less

Interesting concept. IMO it stands better on it’s own merits than on the somewhat rambling writeup you posted. If I was pitching this I’d consider editing the whole thing down to this:

Any click of the SPAM button should be publicly posted. This will allow those who righteously ”Kill” a spammer to get credit, but at the same time take responsibility for unjustified clicks.

The rest can easily be viewed in an unflattering light IMO and adds little to a simple and straightforward proposition. What’s the disadvantage of the idea?

The unspoken part of ImA4Wheelr’s post is basically the implication that we already have the reverse happening here have a problem with SPAM button abuse due to the lack of this transparency. EG he’s implying if not outright stating that we have a member or members who are maliciously hitting the SPAM button and hiding threads. ImA4Wheelr is not the only person to have alleged this IIRC. I have no knowledge either way on the matter but transparency on this doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to me - it seems that the worst that could break out is retaliatory presses of the SPAM button. Or maybe a PM flame war. It would seem to me that SB is in a much better position to judge the merits of this idea than I/we are.

EDIT: Crossed out and replaced text so that it made better sense.

sb has the ability to un spam.

I don't know what you guys are talking about, which threads have disappeared? Except for some kitchen ones and others with loans. Or maybe you're referring to new seller threads in the wrong place, doing the wrong things?

Any examples?

SB can see who did it, so if he sees repetitive abuse, he could tell the spambbutton abuser personally.

some good points here. I have hit the spam button a few times, but only for the topics trying to sell me a kitchen.

He does warn spam button abusers .

How do you know jacktheclipper? Did he just contact you? ;) just kidding.

Still interested to know which threads disappeared through abuse of spam button.


Sunshine is the best disinfectant. If spam is a problem, this will not permit it to fester, but if haters clicking the “Mark as SPAM” button to vent their fetid, infantile hate can’t be controlled, at least this will let us know their names.

AMEN. Append all “Mark as SPAM” clicks to clicked posts with full clicker-accountability. Good idea!

EDIT: PS: This will take a load off SB’s shoulders too…

WTF are we to be treated as name calling kids in the playground, if it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it. I’m sure the occurrence of spiteful use of the spam button is a very rare occurrence.

We are kids in a playground, well at least 99% of us, we’re men. That means kids in the playground.

SB won't ban anyone if they don't deserve it and if anyone is using "the button" for abuse, he will catch that too.

I'll tell you right now, I have used that button once or twice for improper posts before and I will again. I always PM sb when I do it too, but it takes more than one person spamming a post, so if it's being taken out, it probably meant it shouldn't have been there in the first place, because more than one person tried to take it out using the spam button. I don't think it needs to be public either, but it wouldn't change what I do or don't do. It would just keep me away more than I do now, which really does not matter in the long run anyhow.

"We" cannot ban anyone. It has to be double checked by sb and he is the one banning, so if you think someone got banned, go the the source and contact the admin. He is the only one who can do that. All we are doing when we hit the spam button is to put the member in limbo until it is checked out. At least that is what I have understood, from this type of thing coming up before.

This stuff is reminding me of the Kreisler dilemma.

I used the spam button for the first time the other night… for someone who seemed to be trying to sell russian women on their first post. I assumed it would just hide the post for me and flag it for admin…

if im reading this right… 1 press of the spam button hides it from everyone?

If id known that i would have left it incase some of you guys wanted an imported money sink that didnt put out light…

I hereby vote for two spam buttons… one that notifies the spammer that you reported them and gives you a spammer killed stat if admin decides to ban… and one that just quietly notifies admin :wink:

No, afaik there need to be at least 7 anti spam clicks to make it go invisible for all.

Some people just don't understand what the rules say about what's considered spam. Display kitchens are spam, but so is a special offer/sale/promotion from a commercial seller that everybody really likes but happens to have been put somewhere other than the Commercial Seller's subforum. Doesn't matter if it's from a seller you really like. If it's commercial and it gets put in the wrong place, it will get removed unless the OP moves it in time.

'The rules are the rules' works. 'The rules are the rules except when they're not' doesn't.

Seems like complete overkill to me.
Maybe I am ignorant of past abuses—but I’d say either you trust SB to
do his job ( and keep the system in check)— or you don’t………

re-incarnation of a dead horse perhaps?

If it takes seven to hide a post, and sb can unhide it, we cant mark a user as “spam”, whats the issue then? I’m confused…I’m guessing someone is trolling someone else here maybe and getting non-spam posts banned till sb looks at it? Or something else…? Has there been a non spam topic removed?

As to the suggestion of marking who clicked spam to be reviewed by all, even though I hardly use it and wouldn’t particularly care if people knew if I clicked the button, it still does put additional pressure for some and more “time and date” stamps on the clickers for everyone to see, including any Google searches…not sure if I like that, and so far I’m still not sure there are any problems with the system so far.

If someone doesn’t like a post being hidden, they can complain to sb, and he reviews it right?…tadaa, its fixed if its not really spam? Plus then sb can talk to whoever has a pattern of marking non-spam as spam and causing him to have to review it and tell them to knock it off if its ever a problem? I assumed this would be and is the result/fix if this is happening?

I think SB is very balanced at handling things around here, he doesn’t take someone out over a single transgression unless they really ask for it, he gives many friendly warnings and many chances, so at other forums (not just the other forum) i can agree with you, here what your saying just is not an issue.