Any Blackhawk Nite Ops holster carrier here?

I’ve been looking for holster like this:

There are various prices on Aliexpress but still can’t decide.

Anyone here on BLF using the same holster? What is your thought?

Thank you!

Although Blackhawk does make fine holsters, I personally prefer the Bianchi Agent 59 holster for my GLOCK 21. The fine leather looks great and will last a lifetime. And the thumb break offers excellent retention and added security holding the weapon securely in a variety of conditions.

Thanks SubSailorVet, but I war referring to their flashlight holster :slight_smile:

I know that man. I was merely throwing some humor into the thread.

No experience with that light holder, but I wonder how strong they are.

I have heard of some versions of that hinged style of screw on belt clip being brittle.