Any budget multi colour lights out there?

Looking for a multi colour flashlight for a gift… Bit like the 4sevens RGB but a budget version, is anything available?
I’ve hit google and ebay and come up with nothing. I did find a discontinued all silver RGB light, but it was expensive and looked cheap!

I have one from . It’s the “Multi-color LED Flashlight”.

Could filter a light you already have -

Thanks. I went through checkout but they want $25 for shipping. Always puts me off when the shipping is as much as the light. I thought they’d be all over ebay, but there’s not one.

try the Gerber Recon

I know it’s crazy. I looked everywhere and that’s the only place that light is sold. The only other reference was to the same light under a different brand in 2007 and then they just disappeared!

Shipping was too much (IMO) even here within the U.S. I was able to find a discount code that knocked a couple of dollars off but not much. I didn’t notice the UK location at first. I also didn’t know how much their international rates were. That’s too bad! It’s actually a fun light it would just be better if there was some competition from someone else.

Does seem crazy it's not available more places, even DX don't have them from what I can see.

The gerber recon is just a filter light and a low output one at that.