Any cheap 3x18650 flashlights ?

Im looking for a flashlight with Single XM-L with long runtime (3x 18650 better that King/DRY battery holding way.)
must be cheap.

no need to be more thrower.

Cheap is a relative term, but the cheapest is probably a Sky Ray King running on 3x18650’s instead of 4. I run mine on 2 most of the time.

You and me both, brother. Still good runtime on 2batteries.

King's price is still out of your range, Pavithra? They've really gone down near/below $50 now. I think the next best thing would be the Small Sun T08 at $26, but only two batteries running parallel. Maybe can be considered.

The CNQG longrun is a single XM-L running on three 18650s.

It is a nice-looking torch, with excellent heatsinking.

Check this out as well:

2 x XM-L, 3 x 18650. Haven’t seen it for sale anywhere yet though, but if I had to guess I’d say that it wont be any cheaper than the best current deals on a King anyway.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that it’s got a green laser built into it as well, which is something of a novelty/gimmick.

This came instantly to my mind. Not exactly budget though.

Also available as a host kit for $42

I find that host creepy somehow. Like it’s vaguely related to a centipede or something :confused:

This One is single XML 3x18650. I have seen it on another site for $40 or thereabouts. Bonus is it can charge your phone or other USB gadgets.

Isn’t that a multi XM-L rather than single XM-L though?

Here It Is for $41. Not sure on the vendor, haven’t bought from them I don’t think.


Kaidomain has a pretty good rep here. That's a good price on a nice light - good find, pretzy. Richie also rated this light highly here. I've thought about getting this one many times, but never seem to get around to it.

Indeed. I did that annoying thing where people don’t pay proper attention.

Sorry Pav

DRY = win

So many cool 18650 Flashlights!So great price.

And that just sums up our collective predicament perfectly :slight_smile: