Any current coupon codes for Wallbuys?

Placing an order now, any codes?

If you use super secret code ILF, it will add 5%, slow your order down, remove tracking and remove 1 item minimum :slight_smile:

Couldn’t resist, I love ya ILF.


I know they’re banned, but I think some users are still shopping there. They have a temporary ‘BLF’ code that’s good for 10% OLight and Nitecore products. Valid for the month of March. They contacted me regarding a review sample (UltraFire branded TR-J18, I declined), and then they mentioned the codes.
I get the feeling they are trying to clean up their act to get back on BLF (again). Probably too little, too late.
Hoping that posting these doesn’t cause a stink.

Many people have been chiming in as they receive their Olights and SRKs from the last sale…so I would imagine it is ok to discuss WB and any deals they might have.

They were banned for spamming not because they were cheating people out of money. They seem to deliver goods as well as any place. Wallbuys is not any worse than most Chinese vendors as far as customer service and shipping times. Their sales were flat out amazing and many of us got great deals.

I will still shop their as long as they have good prices. I’ve been perfectly happy with the dozen or so items I bought from them.

The shipping time was ok, but their customer service will probably be the reason i might avoid them. I bought a bike light at the christmas sale, that came with a faulty battery pack. After several E-mails, chats, a video and some pictures they still haven’t sent me a new battery pack. And my longfire rf-x6 stopped working as it should after just some testing. I couldn’t take it apart to try another driver as the head is really stuck so I’m trying to get them to send me a working replacement.

But they are making me feel that i waste my time, dealing with them.

Most of my $450 orders have been deals though, olight, xeno, sunwayman etc for less money than usual!

From Seller - ? ??

Dear Sucker
Can you tell me your order number. We have a holiday, if possible, you can contact us in February 19th, if your order is a problem and you can wait until we find out in February 19th,

we will repeat your order,
and will send a small gift for you.

Thank you for your understanding,

From: Cherry Qy
Date: 2/20/2013

hi sir
so you mean you get the money, right?
it means because we are in holiday for half a month, so we can not reply your email, so we write some words in paypal to you
and we promise that we ship your order, but you can not receive it, so we refund the money to you, if you receive the goods after some days, then that goods will as a free gift for you

thank you for your support,and best wishes

I am still waiting for a small/free gift and the repeat order.

What does that have to do with a coupon code?

that belongs in the wallbuys rating thread… not here

Does this post do?

kronological post #4

That doesnt change the facts

Sure doesn’t change the facts.

I know, sorry about that.I just need to get a life :wink:

Is there a current code or coupon for Wallbuys?

ledwallbuys14 10%
You may need to use “buy it now option” to make it work

It worked for me this time, thanks.

Now you just have to wait a week for Wallbuys to give you a tracking number, another week for the number to show that it was shipped, another week for it to cross the ocean, and one more week for the post office to get it to you.
My order is on week two. I got a tracking number a few days ago, but it doesn’t show as valid yet.

Wallbuys moves fast enough for me, but my orders sit at the China post office for 25 and 35 days.

coupon doesn’t work for me :_(

I just tried it and it’s still working.
You have to click “Buy It Now”
A window pops up asking you to chose the shipping method. Don’t chose anything, just close that window.
Click “Checkout” in the very top right corner of the screen and enter the coupon code.