Any dealers in Canada for the Fire Foxes FF5GT.

I did a search,but nothing came up,so does anyone know if there are any Canadian dealers for Fire Foxes lights?….if not,I may consider participating in a group buy,if there ever is one started.Thanks,HB :+1:

Hello Hot Brass,

Your best source for the FF5GT, including a full set of accessories (lens cap, case, battery carriers) is He is offering a 15% discount with code NDNA. Shipping should be under two weeks, it is not officially released until August 8th.

As an FF5 owner, I absolutely love its broad even pure neutral white beam (4300K) with LEP-like intensity hot spot. I recommend the 4300K version (not 6500K) with a spare battery carrier and 8 Samsung 30Q cells, all of which Neal's carries. Give this light a try, IMHO it will stun you with its abilities.

Here is the link:

Have fun!

Thanks for posting.I am partial to bright white light,so I would normally pick the 6500K if I had a choice,which is by the way is/was a mistake on his web-site(I brought this to his attention),so they are actually available in 4300K and 6000K.
Why do you recommend the 4300K version and not 6000K,?….just curious.Thanks,HB


I base my recommendation on what I chose for my FF5 purchase 2 years ago. It has an absolutely pure neutral white with no color shift and a jaw dropping LEP-like center hotspot for stunning throw.

It's color resembles a 5000K neutral white LED. Over on CPF I saw a lot of FF5 beamshots with both color temps and predictably the 6000K version had a noticeably blue tint, which is par for the course for all cool white LEDs that have max output levels above all.

Since I use it only outdoors, the 4300K gives me great color rendition, especially with natural greens, foliage etc. Much more vivid and lifelike. The 6000K version has a slightly higher output spec, but IMHO colors in nature appear flat or washed out by comparison.

  1. It's truly personal preference; if you like cool white LEDs then go for the 6000K.

Myself, I prefer neutral, not warm tint and the 4300K version was a home run choice for me

Based on my FF5 experience, I strongly endorse trying the FF5GT and strongly recommended an additional accessory 4x 18650 battery carrier ($30).

Check out this FF5 thread from 2 years ago for beamshot images and user impressions:

Grab an FF5GT and have a blast!


Ya Neal is awesome to buy from if he ships to Canada. I’ve bought at least 15 lights from him


Using the code ND25F at will give you a 25% ($109 savings) discount on the FF5GT, lowering the price to $330.

To me that's a huge incentive to make a purchasing decision. As a FF5 owner from 2 yrs ago, I hope you decide to give the FF5GT a try. I think you will be very impressed!

Mine just arrived. Very nice… Even with the batteries only partly charged it burned a hole in a cardboard box I had laying around. Can’t wait to get this thing out at night

You might even be able to cook Canadian bacon (:

After noting a few bad experiences with this light here,I have decided to pass on the whole idea of buying one.Thanks,HB

Unless you want it for the novelty of HID you’re better off with something like an Acebeam K75 of you want a LED thrower. Yes, less output, but better runtime, easier to maintain, better warranty/reliability and cheaper.