Any decent multiple 5mm led host to mod ? (any form factor)

I have quite a few warm white 5mm leds left from modding sofirns, i’d like to use them in a higher power light host whatever the form factor, somebody knows of any decent one still available to purchase ?

Thanks :+1:

Kind of a good question . I find that most 5mm led lights are more difficult lights to mod . Plastic lenses /parts press fit .

I was looking at a few old ebay lights that I used to like and found a new one DOA and the one that worked had the driver at a crazy angle .

One looks like it should and doesn't .. the other looks perfectly fine and isn't ........ $2 Police clones of the AAA Tank007 E08 carabiner lights

It seems there is a few decent hosts in AAA form factor including the Sofirn C01 that i have a lot of, i can’t seem to find a hosts with multiple leds for higher power.