Any drivers with PIC controllers these days?

I've been looking for drivers with PIC microcontrollers on them, but don't seem to have much luck finding them.

I've seen that certain versions of NANJG drivers had 'em, but are using ATtiny MCUs again in later versions...

So, does anyone know of driver boards that can be bought now, that contain PIC MCUs?

I could go AVR, but have everything in place to work with and program PICs... Maybe I need to grab one of those 3 buck AVR programmers of of ebay. But I'd like to see if I can find PICs first as I don't want to learn AVRs if I don't need to.

I believe the nitecore EX10/D10 SP models have PIC controllers in them, but the fuses might have been set. Not sure about the D11 or 11.2, haven't looked yet.

I too am looking for a source of PIC cheap drivers for experimentation sake, a friend is fully set-up for pic, and I would like an excuse to start playing with programming before I rip into my nitecores.