Any experience with DealExtreme tracking?


I ordered some Trustfire Flames, a charger and a Trustfire TR-1200 from DealExtreme on October 28th.
They split the shipment. The batteries and charger were sent on 10/30 and I received them in good order on 11/16.

The flashlight was sent on November 9th according to DE (RA379845367CN) and I still haven't received it after almost 3 weeks! Tracking says "posting" to the Netherlands on November 13th, no update since..

Is this DE's fault or chinapost? Perhaps the tracking isn't working but the flashlight is on its way.. It is my first order with DE (and first budgetflashlight ;))

Does anyone have experience with this? What could I do if something is wrong?

Thanks in advance

I was going to say, Don't worry, it will probably arrive next week but after looking at the tracking there is no evidence it has left China yet.

I live in Spain and have in the last couple of days received items sent at the same time as yours through China Post.

I can offer little advice other than to say I would wait a few more days and then contact DX.


( it should say "Has Left Departure to Netherlands" (some bad English) instead of "Posting". )

Stick this number into the Chinese tracking website.


It was sent around the same time as yours and you will see the stages.

please what's the URL?

it works for most mail tracking:

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( my tracking with DX tracking number was insufficient so far too. i didnt know this WORKING url, thanks a lot!! )

Which country do you live in?

In Spain I can go into the Spanish postal website and can often get more details there but I know this does not work in all countries.

alemania es que el numero de de equis no funciona en la pagina alemana de de hache ele hasta que uno haya ya recibido el pinche paquete. durante el transito en nuestro pais ese numero original chino se convierte en numero propio aleman mientras que el destinatorio no sepa de pedo jaja lol entonces hay dos numeros que se equivalen no es siempre asi pero la una vez que tenia tal numero de esa compania china me salio de esta manera muy rara que putada y ya tengo que rascar mis bolas ja

Guess i’ll contact DX that my order is missing… if I wont get a reply, I can always use paypal to try and get my money back, sigh…

Oh, give it time. Sometimes tracking isn't the best... if it misses a scanner, etc. Packages from china are prone to this. Give it another week.

Yeah, waiting another week is no problem, perhaps the bar code for the tracking is damaged… But still, an item that was in stock according to their website shouldnt’t take over a month to arrive…
It’s a pity they didn’t have it in stock at their UK warehouse at the time I ordered, that would have only taken 3-4 days. Waiting for a new toy sucks haha :slight_smile:

It is the great pre-holiday slowdown, postal services in China get a lot slower at this time of year for obvious reasons. It should be back to normal in the beginning of March.

Tank you for taking the time to answer me in Spanish. Although I live in Spain I am English.

You are correct that DHL does not give any online tracking for Hong Kong Post or China Post, oddly though, they do if the package is sent by Singapore Post which a few Chinese suppliers use.

Thanks again for the info and URL, very helpful stuff for my future DX purchases!

( i'd rather be in Spain and talk to those friendly, well-educated and charming ladies espanolas católicas than me playing with torches and hunting DX deals lol. such a social place, Espana. i luv it. Costa Blanca, el Flamenco, Albéniz, de Falla, Tortuga, etc.. -- hope you have a great time.. the best in your life!! )

Viva Espana!! Y nuestras linternas, ja!


I contacted DX by email, saying that my package hasn't arrived yet a month after I ordered.. Tracking says "posting" on Nov 13th and nothing since.

Reply from DX:


Dear customer,

Here is the information


2011-11-13 posting, , NETHERLANDS,

You can track it via

The information is not update yet, but the status says normal, so it is still on the way to you.

If you still see no change in the status after 2 weeks , please contact me again.




It arrived yesterday! Tracking still says "posting", so it appears tracking of China Post isn't very reliable.. I have the same again with another package, says "posting" for about 2 weeks now.. probably won't update aswell, but I'm glad I know the packages are on it's way regardless of what the tracking page says.

About the TR-1200, it's heavier and better quality than I expected! Looks pretty impressive :). Arrived in perfect condition from DX by the way (bubblewrapped, no box).

Glad to hear you got it! How do you like your TR-1200?

It's great! Looks and feels pretty impressive and gives more light and throw than I expected. This is the brightest flashlight I have so far (I'm new to flashlights) so it didn't need much to impress me, but overall I'm quite satisfied. The only negative things I can think of are the disco-modes you have to go through every time you want it back on high (since it has memory), forward clicky (I prefer a different switch for mode-changing, but that is hard to find in budgetlights) and the mode spacing (it is difficult to see if the light is on high or medium when you turn it on).

Those are pretty much the problem with most of the budget lights. :D