any flashlights with more throw then a hd2010 for less then 50 bucks?

any flashlights with more throw then a hd2010 for less then 50 bucks?

The Jacob A60 is known for its pencil-thin beam.

If you replace XM-L2 LED’s with XP-G2’s, you’ll have a very tight and intense hotspot.

cool ill look into that ty

Also: SmallSun ZY-C10-S - about 56 kcd stock, really cheap, $14 at Manafont.

Thinking maybe the UF-T20 zoomie might be up there ($21 at Manafont), but stock with an XML, probably still under 45 kcd (approx. throw of a stock HD2010), but mod'ed, got 136 kcd with a de-domed XP-G2. Mod thread:

Little bit of a crap shoot with all these budget light throwers - sometimes they vary emitters, may depend on what battery, LED focusing varies which can significantly effect throw, etc.

are there any lights i wont have to mod? i stink at modding my hd2010 is almost long enough throw i just need a 100 or so more feet

The Jacob has been providingfairly consistent results of the thrower, so I don’t think you will be disappointed even without modding.

Why not buy the one with the R5 or G2 led already in there?

have a link to as where to buy one? i looked on and tmart had no luck

I bought off mine off the review page it’s a x-re? From the review on here.

Cool ty

Here’s a thread I started when I got mine.

Jacob A60…Best Thrower For The Money!!

It came from Aurabuy, just like Feilox’s link. This one is so good I would recommend you stick with Aurabuy since I’ve heard others who seemed to get inferior lights. This one has “Jacob A60” printed on it (some have no printing), doesn’t have mode memory (good), and doesn’t seem to have any heat issues.

Also would recommend buying a Samsung High Drain INR18650-20R Unprotected LI-ION Battery . They make this light sizzle!

As always, YMMV.

how is this light only reason i ask is i already trade with tmart—-Black-2-x-18650_p193788.html will it out throw my hd 2010?

If you can find one at a Home Depot, the 3C Defiant Super Thrower is currently on clearance for $12, $15, or $18 (depending on the store).

Most of us like FT, so buy here:

Cheaper, everyone should own this light, anyways … :wink:

Oh, be sure to use Coupon Code: BLF for 5% off …

where does fasttech ship from?

Lately via Singapore post, atleast thats my experience.

This light will give you what you want - has better distance than the HD2010 and the 08, and is available for $37 - a hell of a price for the Skyray STL-V2.

Its throw is a little better than the Jacob A60 - have had both side-by-side - but the difference is the amount of light down range. Pumping out up to 1000 lumens on target instead of 250 or so. Excellent torch - and if you do choose to dedome it you will be looking at 110-175k lux (my best one) - depending on mods you do. Standard is 48-52k lux.

Lightmalls good to deal with. If you want to spend just a little more, at $59 you have this evolution of the Skyray from Maxtoch - the SN6X-2S. Has 40% more output than the Skyray at 69-72k standard:

Very well made light. Another good company to deal with.

Tmart is the fastest if they carry the light you want in their US warehouse.

What he said. +1

Buy the STL-V2 or SN6X now, Monkey! Stop looking! Seriously, stop looking. You’ll not regret the decision.