Any good 16340 Hosts?

Have you checked the On The Road 311 flashlight?
Review: “REVIEW”: On The Road 311 – 1x16340 – USB-C Rechargeable – 720 lumens

On AliExpress you can get it for a price below that!

I cant help with the <$20 limitation

nice host if the operator is OK with the UI and modes

I would consider the Nitecore EX11.2, for a more versatile UI (ramping like anduril)

Ultrafire 602C?


the price is right… just one mode

Dont know actually, but as a cheap host its great. 17mm driver size, 16mm led size. Rugged anodisation.

Host 8 dollars. Blf A6 driver 5 dollars. And add your favourite led.

single mode
agree, great option for a cheap host

The light is moddable, both the led and the driver. The + of that light is the USB-C charging :wink:
But there are probably better hosts out there.

BTW, WildTrail has a stainless steel one being sold in AliExpress.
This is similar to the Alonefire AK9, which is 10€ more expensive.

I did see that, looks like a nice light for the money. I just wanted a couple of cheap hosts to burn up some parts bin stuff.

I missed this somehow, but this is great, thanks, I ordered a couple in one mode, will be perfect. Fastech used to have these as hosts for $5 gutted.

How might one alter the driver in the Ultrafire 602C single mode to bring it down to something like 5 lumens?

I just received a 3P clone body from AE. The machining is excellent and even the anodizing looks great- even and polished. If you are interested in a P60 setup. Lumensfactory has 1 cell tubes for E-series lights. Convoy has 18350 bodies, I think Jaxman might also?

What is a 3P?
Could you please link to the clone?

Check your PM :+1:

I am not sure if you are still searching , but take a look “blast from the past” (yeah, Roxane is an “old” brand):

Assuming a ’123 will keep a more or less steady voltage, you just gut the driver and stick in the appropriate-value resistor.

The little Thorfire KL02 doodads (also made for ’123s ’though 16340s will run hot) do exactly that, “bead” type LED and a resistor on one contact-board, that’s it.

Some dewd was selling them on fleabay 10 for 20bux or something, obscenely cheap. I got 2 duds in a 10pak, but it was still worth it.

There’s space for a 10mm MCPCB. I’m using an eagtac 16340 in it (short and protected) to have a small lantern.

Yeh, I didn’t want to cook them nor run down a Li cell to nothing, couldn’t find my real ’123s, so I got a set of those 3V Li-based converter cells.

Thought about snagging this little thing… but I ain’t got no 16340 cells. Might pick one up if Vapcell T6’s turn up at a reasonable price.

You chicken.

WOWTAC W1 $19.99

The bezel is glued, besides that it’s a decent light with just the led swapped.

The new Sofirn SC21 will be slightly more expensive but a whole different beast.

Maybe even a S1R competitor.