any good 18650 zoomable flashlights

Im looking for a good quality zoom able flashlight, i have a cheap ultrafire xml-t6 supposedly 2000 lumen light but the switch is playing up, so i am looking for something good that uses 18650 batteries and preferably zooms from a wide angle to the little square, doesnt need a lot of modes only high, very low and strobe if possible, would like it to be water resistant but it doesn’t need to be, no more than 50mm wide and 150mm long and to be as bright as possible for under $70
Any suggestions

Did you read this thread: CNQualityGoods Zooming 1x18650 generic host (No longer available) and the Ahorton aspheric lens
It needs a bit of work but it seems this host is a good start. I was considering it myself but havn’t ordered yet…
Most cheap zoomies have hollow pills nowadays, I’ve already modded two SK98/SH98 and an older “Aleto” Zoom (similar to a Sipik SK96). The last one I’ve got - a cheap Ultrafire from eBay - had also a hollow pill, the star barely sitting on a small edge.
P.S.: If your budget is $70 there might be better options to go…

I sort of want something that i can buy that has all of the parts or comes fully built but if you could link the host and all of the parts that would be great because i don’t really know what i need to build it myself and if you know any better options I would be happy to know what they are

You can buy these at around $6 each, buy four or five and you will have lots of spares.\_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&var=630491936237&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Ultrafire C8 (Convoy C8 knock off), $10 each.
Cree XM-L2 LED (at least that is what is claimed) and a fairly good sized reflector (but does not zoom).\_trksid=p2060778.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Have you bought SK98’s from that ebay seller in the first link before? If so, does it have a solid pill?

I really have no idea what the “pill” is on a flashlight, so could not tell you if it has a solid pill.
I have bought a few of those SK98 flashlights from that seller, I like the bronze color and that they can work with my $2 Samsung 18650 laptop pull batteries and the flashlight is fairly small and easy to carry. And the low price is also nice.

Use the code “15SD32” for discount.
Just tried the code and it currently works.
I bought two of these so far, no regrets.

I have decided to get some cheap zoomies and get a good fixed focus flashlight
I have been looking around and was wondering if i should get the Olight s30r or the ThruNite TN12 or the Nitecore P12
and if they are good lights. Im heading towards the olight s30r because it comes with a battery, charger, magnetic tail cap, 1000 lumens and a 5 year warranty :slight_smile:
has anyone had a good experience with this light

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Is this generic 'ultrafire T6' xml2/nanjg105c mod the T6 zoomie you already have? You can try to fix the switch.

As an alternative to s30r you can also check out MH10 and MH12 from Nitecore. I have the P12 and think its a great light. I know many others like the Olight and Thrunite better. Different taste and different needs. :slight_smile: Nice lights all three imho.

It looks exactly the same as this one but has a silver strike bezel and has ultra fire written on it