Any information about this LED/Flashlight?

Hello everyone,

I recently discovered that Neal sells a special red light version of Amutorch's New VG10.

According to Neal's website it uses an Osram 20W LED with red light (wavelength 620nm). I assume it uses the 3030 footprint just like the ordinary New VG10 with the XP-L HD. So far, I was unsuccessful to find more details about this LED. 20W sounds way too good to believe as usually red LEDs like Cree's XP-E2 are capable of about 3-5W only. AFAIK, the New VG10 does not use an FET but a current limited driver with slightly below 3A of current.

Any hints or details about this LED or this flashlight in particular would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

OSRAM OSTAR Projection Compact LE R Q8WP.

I already mentioned it in your own thread.