Any interest in Vital Gear Flashlight bodies and adapters?

Vital Gear dealer 2009-2016. All Sold.

Hi, I am a Vital Gear rep from Tucson, Arizona, USA. I can post a full fledged sales thread here if there is interest. I carry 1, 2, and 3 cell (CR-123) E-series bodies, E2C adapters, switches and other parts. Here’s some pics -

I will check back, and if there is interest I will post up! Thanks.

I doubt there would be much interest for anything Surefire as it would be rather expensive.

If only I had a Surefire head laying around that need a body.

A one cell body with that adapter would allow you to use a Solarforce head and p-60 drop in right?

kbark, Yes it would. scaru, You are right, the Vital Gear E2C adapter is very similar to the Surefire E2C adapter, (except less expensive) and the flashlight bodies themselves are quite different. The Vital Gear is not really Surefire brand, Vital Gear is from Taiwan, it is a brand of it’s own. It’s pretty good stuff, here’s some specs and prices.

FLASHLIGHT BODIES- Small, light, bezel down, and silent.
• Aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum construction.
• Military standard type III hard anodized natural finish. (HA models)
• Nickel plated interiors and threads for optimum electrical path.
• All O-ring sealed and water resistant.
• Coil spring tailcaps.
• Silent forward clicky switches. (No audible “click”)
• Soft press = momentary on. Hard press = on / off.
• Black chrome stainless steel pocket clips.
• Low profile bezel down carry.
• Threaded for E-series heads. Adapters available for C-series heads.

The small ones are $25, The 2 cell bodies are $30, the 3 x CR123’s are $35, and the E2C adapters are $25 as well. As kbark mentioned, with the E2C adapter, they work with Solarforce heads and bezels, as well as anything threaded the same. Of course, I will run a discount for BLF members.

Hope this will work, definitely appreciate the feedback. - Jeff

Do you have any bodies that can hold 18 mm batteries? (18650)

Welcome to BLF, lightknot! If these fit Solarforce, I'm sure there would be interest here. Post away....

Any chance they fit Ultrafire P60's? Also, do you have any pictures of complete lights using your extensions? I agree with scaru, there would probably be greater interest in 18650 extenders, as that seems to be the predominant battery size among BLF members

Alas, the Vital Gear flashlight bodies have an inside diameter of 17mm, which is 1mm too thin for an 18650. They do fit CR-123 (16340) batteries perfectly, as well as RCR-123, and IMR 16340. They 2 cell bodies take 17650, 17670 and 2 x CR123’s. The 3 cell model, the FB3, takes 3 x CR123 or two x AA batteries. This allows for many different configurations and LEGO possibilities.

Yeah I like Vital Gear, just too bad they don’t have 18650 comparability or simply come out with their own C format stuff…would allow for more Lego with Solar force and more…

lightknot—in the first picture above—the black head unit—is that the Valiant Systems ?

Yes it is. Vital Gear flashlight bodies fit on the Malkoff Designs / Valiant Concept VME heads with no modifications and no adapter. That one has a Malkoff M61 in it.

Lots of Vital Gear available on the website link in the signature line.

Many Vital Gear E2C adapters available.

Many Vital Gear E2C adapters still available.