Any intrest in loneoceans's 50w boost 17mm driver?

Was thinking of building a few of these drivers for myself to play with. I do microsoldering so, should be easy to assemble. Wondering if anyone here would like to get their hands on one of these assembled and flashed drivers, the more I make the cheaper it is. Not looking to make a profit but just pay for parts n shipping.


-Initial order limit going to be 2 drivers. Trying to get these drivers to as many different people as I can. If I can handle it I will try to fur-fill all orders.
-Okeyed by Lone Oceans, This is a prototype driver! No warranties for issues outside of assembly of the driver.
-For now, no custom firmware. I will go through the current firmware and see if I can make any improvements or tweaks.
-Will place order for parts + pcb once paycheck comes in! (~15th). If anyone wants to pitch early or contribute anyway send a pm!
-OSHpark pcb order placed (51x) also some tail switch boards to play with!

  • Parts order placed should be getting these boards assembled once parts come in (project placed on hold as job was getting busy)

I’m in for 2!

Cool that was fast! I was thinking of making between 10-50 just trying to get a feel for how many people want one of these. Mouser lead times for parts are redic 15 weeks. I will confirm in this thread if this ever happens.

Nice work autonomousperson. Would you be programming these as well?

I’m in for 4…

Yes, I have a pickit3 from just like my other hobbies but if that doesn’t work i’ll just buy a ATtiny programmer. If I have the time, ill try to tinker with schematic/pcb and firmware to support 2s. Once again, Im just trying to get an idea if this project will be worth my time/has enough interest.

I have yet to contribute anything to this project yet, just possible development and manufacturing :slight_smile:

How much will one of these cost?

Cost goes down as I make more. I didnt want to make one or two just for myself cuz it wouldnt be worth it. Im guessing around 15-35 (depends on quantity once again). In a few days i’ll give an exact figure once I get a better idea of how many I might be making. Ive shot loneoceans an email just to make sure he is okay with me doing this and waiting on a reply, the license he has on everything is Non-Commercial CC.

As you said before, since you aren’t planning to make a profit, it should be non-commercial.

You are just trying to provide a service to other people who can’t do this kind of stuff alone.

In for 2 and thanks.

What are the dimensions of the driver, 17mm by how tall? What firmware can you flash on it? Narsil or Anduril by any chance?

Price is good, I’m in for two.

If you get buried with orders I’d be willing to just buy the parts off of you, I want to convert one to 12 volt one anyway.

I don’t think Lone Oceans will mind if you make them, he seemed willing to get a build house to make a batch. It’s good you emailed him, if he sees there is interest in his driver he might get around to finishing the programming and release the code.

I would be in for 2 fully built and 2 part packages…if that could be an option…

This driver uses a different Attiny and is programmed in Arduino, it also uses components not supported by either one of those programs. The code has not been released, just the hex so it can’t be modified in any way.

There is no schematic so it is hard to say if an adapter board can be made to put an 85 in there. Toykeeper has started porting Anduril to different Attiny’s but I don’t know how far along she is or where it is on her priority list.

The good inductor is 7mm tall, a less efficient one that will work is 3mm tall.

I’m interested in one or two depending on price

Interested in 2 as well. Been wanting to build a C8 with an XHP50 for a while

Was planning on ordering the taller inductor. I might order a few 3mm inductors and mess with the switching frequency to minimize issues (gonna have to look more into boost converter design). The large 7mm inductor is almost as expensive as the MS2429!

I would be in for 1!

The schematic in post 54 is likely similar to this driver.

Texas Instruments has some online simulators for their controllers. Its interesting to play with inductor values, output currents and voltages. Then run the simulation and check for component, switching frequency and efficiency changes.

I think Lone Oceans gave Texas Ace a driver to test out. Maybe PM him to see if he found anything that needed tweaking.

In for 1 driver.