Any intrest in loneoceans's 50w boost 17mm driver?

This driver uses a different Attiny and is programmed in Arduino, it also uses components not supported by either one of those programs. The code has not been released, just the hex so it can’t be modified in any way.

There is no schematic so it is hard to say if an adapter board can be made to put an 85 in there. Toykeeper has started porting Anduril to different Attiny’s but I don’t know how far along she is or where it is on her priority list.

The good inductor is 7mm tall, a less efficient one that will work is 3mm tall.

I’m interested in one or two depending on price

Interested in 2 as well. Been wanting to build a C8 with an XHP50 for a while

Was planning on ordering the taller inductor. I might order a few 3mm inductors and mess with the switching frequency to minimize issues (gonna have to look more into boost converter design). The large 7mm inductor is almost as expensive as the MS2429!

I would be in for 1!

The schematic in post 54 is likely similar to this driver.

Texas Instruments has some online simulators for their controllers. Its interesting to play with inductor values, output currents and voltages. Then run the simulation and check for component, switching frequency and efficiency changes.

I think Lone Oceans gave Texas Ace a driver to test out. Maybe PM him to see if he found anything that needed tweaking.

In for 1 driver.

I’m not in this time but thanks a lot for doing it!

12v operation is updated on Loneoceans GXB172 REV.A2 BOM. Only two changes to make if you use 25v output capacitors… Sense resistor (R1) and (R13). I’m using a XHP35.2 but I haven’t had a chance to do much testing yet.

Autonomousperson can we see some of your other work? Other high (and small) parts count boards you’ve assembled?

This is my first community project so it will be challenging however I do not expect issues assembling the board. Tomorrow @ work if i’m not too busy i’ll try to get a video of my rework skills. I have multiple irons as well as a reflow station. frequently reflow 01005 sized smd componets as well as BGA packages and will demo both. My assumption is if I can work on iPhone logic boards I can easily work on these drivers with larger sized components.
Here is something for now…

I am purchasing these parts out of my own pocket, you pay only after its assembled. No risk to you, just want more people to get their hands on this board.

As I understand, this version not support e-switch ?
If so I am interested in 2 but if price is <20$

I’d be interested in a few depending on price and firmware.

Interested in at least 1 or 2 divers. But living in Germany will probably make it very expensive (shipping + driver + customs fees).
It will depend on the final price.

i also have an interest in 2, i have a copper s2+ and a stainless/copper x6 on the way that are begging to have xhp50s in them

Same for me, though there might not be customs fees, it’s free up to just under 25$ in the Netherlands, i’d think it’s the same for you?

Yes ~same here. Tax free threshold official 22€ (but they do not collect taxes below 5€) so inofficial the threshold is 26,30€. But the shipping costs are included in the 26,30€. And because shipping from the US is not cheap its hard to stay below this.
One option is to mark the package as a gift (tax free threshold incl shipping 45€).
But lets wait and see what the final price is. For sure a interesting driver that will open up new modding possibilities!

In for 2 as long as I can afford, best if one could be 12V.

I’d like one too. And like others, although I totally understand it if the real value is higher, the costs need not be excessive for me, so if cost including shipping can be kept under $25 I’m in.

Thanks for doing this autononousperson, I think this is a great initiative.

Also in