Any intrest in loneoceans's 50w boost 17mm driver?

I’m in for one.

Hah im pretty happy, I didn’t want to make more than 25-50 for my first batch.

Also interested, depending on final price. Thanks for doing this.

Haha, I as just thinking that you have your hands full now! :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: looking forward to this, if I had more $$ I’d be taking a good couple of these
Thanks LO and Autonomous!

I might be interested depending on costs.

I’d take one

Thank you to autonomousperson! I dont need one because I made my own gxb172, but having success with my driver, I am glad that many other people will soon be able to try out the loneoceans gxb172 driver in their own light and LIGHT up their room! Right now I am almost completed with my gfs16 mosfet tailswitch and lighted tailswitch.

GFS16 - Battery Indicator Tailcap Light & 1mR FET Tailswitch! (Rev B) — I think blueswordm is also helping people make tailswitch, so if you want both, we have two hardworking forum members to help!

PCB orders placed. Going to spend today getting parts.

Awesome, looking forward to this!

In for one

I’m in for one. Thanks for offering these.

How is this project progressing?

Several people managed to build the second generation driver:

Autonomous was going to build some for sale, parts were being ordered etc so wanted to see if it’s progressing and give the thread a bump

Thanks for doing this Autonomousperson, I’d be in for 2.

I’ve always drooled over Loneoceans work/designs and the chance to get one is too tempting to resist.

If the price (w/ shipping included) is between $25-30, I’d like one please!!
Also, would a “normal” switch be suitable to used with this driver?

Intrested depending price. Thanks.

Props autonomousperson, this is a big undertaking you are getting into!

I would be interested in two, but depending on price.
Wish to get one with bistroHD…