Any known good seller for 2032 button batteries?

I've asked this question about a year ago, but didn't get any definitive answers.

Do you know of a good source for 2032 batteries?

I want to give them to people who won't be happy to change batteries often, so I'm looking for ones that can hold the charge for a long period (for body scales, for example).

So they can be more expensive than the 5 for 1$ (or 20 for 3$) that are abundant on eBay. They should also be in blister package.

Marrs, inc. is a known good seller. I've made many purchases from them.

Thanks. Unfortunately, they don't ship to Israel. :/

Let me know if you would like me to drop-ship for you. I'd be happy to help a fellow flashaholic out.

I bought 2032´s from just plain DX. I was surpriced when I discovered they had more voltage than my over 1yr old brand batteries bought locally.

Second time bought from eBay, random seller, again good voltages.

I bought 20 of these when they were on sale and they are decent quality.

bought this 5 pack from mana. they've been good so far.

Same here, but with AG10 type (or similar). Are there any good blister or brand? I've found them veeeery cheap online. The only thing: here in Spain, in chinese shops, you can buy one for about 0.60-1 Euro, but... they all suck |( I've bought once a batt/cell for my Casio wrist watch. Darn, I pushed "Light" button and the screen goes off, then, when backlight turned off, the screen lit up again showing the clock. The batt lasted 1 month |(

Since then, I buy quality cell/batts @watchrepair shops and such. From 2 to 3 Euros, but the lasts exactly what they should.

On inet I've seen blisters (x10) for 2-4 bucks, that's .2-.4 per cell :O And with shipping. Great price, but if they last 3 to 4 time less, I think I'd prefer to buy one for 2 Euros :| (intead of changing them every 4-6 months).

Thanks for your offer! :)

But it will be a little too much including shipping costs.

Maybe I'll try the Chinese Maxells first, they cost a little more than the others, maybe they're also a little better...

I bought some various cheap ones at ebay for computer uese (motherboard bios settings retaining battery) and thsoe have yet to fail me. Soem are in clocks, some in scales. All work well for over 1 year. Probably those will still do a few years.

I got some from dx. They seem okay.

Just buy quality japanese cells like toshiba

HKE has them at modestly low prices.

$46 for 100 of them, but in shiny colorful Energizer package.

For a project at work, we just bought 4000 CR2032 coin cells. They're Panasonic brand, and they're as good as any I've come across.

28 cents for qty 1 and as low as 15 cents in high quantity.


As for the AG10,

Here's an Energiser for a reasonable price..


I just wish DigiKey, Mouser, Farnell and the like didn't have such high shipping costs to Israel (30$-40$!!). And I wish there was a decent electronics shop here, everyone overcharges as if they sell gold - simple 1/4W resistors cost at least 1$ each, transistors that sell for 1$ on eBay cost 10$, and "hard to find" parts (that is, available on DigiKey for 2$) require "special order" and can cost many tens of dollars.

Bummer for me. :/

Why not to buy from eBay, then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That's what I did, eventually. :)

But whenever I wanted any component I couldn't get in eBay/DX/etc I just cancelled the thought due to the high costs...

That’s 12 kV - you could make a decent taser with just the batteries, no electronics of any kind required! :smiley:

Ha, Yeah - I suppose that's true :)

Unfortunately, the stack of cells would be 42 feet tall :)