Any members have experience w/Fasttech - they seem to have great prices

Brand new to BLF and I need some advice. Fasttech seems to have great prices. However, they are based in Hong Kong according to their contact page (I'm in the US). If they sell genuine stuff, it seems pretty good. They take Paypal, so it seems hard to see them scamming financial info ...


Welcome to BLF! A number of us have bought from them and they are a first rate seller. They send packages through epacket so it gets to the US very quickly, for something coming from China.

BTW, the link is

The light I just got on Amazon is

I also purchased a cheapo light meter so I can see how big the 1600 lumen exageration is


Thanks for the *QUICK* response!!!

BTW, you have some great info for people like me that are getting into this!!

I am getting into this because my black diamond headlamp just isn't enough. I run a little over 6 miles on 4 work day mornings every week. Since I am big (AKA Clydesdale), and have a few injuries, it takes a while and I have to start before 5 am.

I *really* don't want to trip again and have to do another knee surgery!! Obviously, getting more lumens on the path is a must.

Yeah, what scaru said . Long answer from FastTech FAQ...

Shipping> 15. What is the difference between EMS and Speedpost?

EMS commonly refers to the inferior, so-called "express shipping service" offered by China Post. It is sometimes called EMS China.
Due to its slow delivery speed, beginning October 20th, 2012 FastTech no longer offers EMS as a shipping option. Instead, FastTech offers Speedpost Global Express operated by Hong Kong Post, which actually delivers in 3 to 6 working days 98% of the time.
Yeah I've ordered a couple times from them... still waiting. But I'm very pleased with their customer service and attempts to make their site better by listening to us and adding new products that we want.
re. your Light meter. I would use it not as hard as fast true measurements, but as you get more lights you can do side be side comparisons. more info on this (thread thread)
I'll say that for a headlamp a Zebralight is very nice. good spill - spread of light

Sounds like you may want a bike light of some kind, there are many that are much brighter. I'd just start a new thread to get more recommendations on them.

The unit I linked to has one Cree XML T6 LED and 2 18650s in a battery pack on the back side of the headband. I am a bit doubtful, but I bought before I found BLF.

I also saw some Amazon lights w/3 of the Cree XML T6 lights inset into a single head unit. I was thinking about running one of those w/a cord down to a battery pack in my runners belt. However, the comments on Amazon made me shy away because of the talk about the short run times of the ultrafire batteries in the packs. After more investigation, I am thinking that a couple of King Kong 28650 batteries in series (I think I have that right) would be a much better pack than 6 (2S3P) ultrafire "3000" mah batteries.

I like your idea of starting a new thread to get recommendations for the headlamp. If I have time to be on the net tomorrow, that will be my priority.

I also need to see what the "1600 lumen" headlamp's battery compartment is. I am expecting unprotected, 65mm cells, but I should wait to order replacement batteries since the lamp should be here on Friday.

I placed an order from them. Still waiting. I am not seeing the speedy delivery people are talking about. My order from Wallbuys was placed before and got here today.

So far, Fasttech is slow for me.

Welcome to the forum. I first bought from fastech a month ago and the order took only a few days more than ups from east coast to west coast, about 3 times as fast as Io, Kd or Dx. If you ask here about headlamps you’ll get lots of help/feedback. Good luck.

Welcome here!

Yep, another happy customer here! VERY fast shipping to me in Canada, and top notch service and prices!

BTW, I should mention that my run time requirement is at least an hour on summer days.

On winter days, I probably move at the same pace as the Clydesdale horses on your TV. World class speedwalkers are probably twice as fast as me running :-(. I will probably need about 2 hours of run time.

My understanding is that internal battery resistance goes up as the temperature goes down. Would it be smart to insulate my battery pack for the winter or will the pack produce enough heat to compensate for the 10-20F outside temperature?

I know these are kind of crazy questions, but you guys have amazing knowledge!!

Fasttech is awesome, I’ve received all my orders within two weeks. Usually less.

In the U.S., you can’t beat TMart if they ship from the U.S. warehouse, I get items in 5 Days. BUT FastTech has alot of very cool items that can not be had from TMart. Other options are VERY long wait times from other China retailers. FastTech is MUCH faster for those hard to find parts, etc.

Welcome to BLF!

I've ordered from FastTech twice and both times I was very happy. The products were exactly what I expected and shipping times were quite reasonable considering where they ship from.