Any motion activated lights?

My bag is dark. If I leave a light on all the time, the batteries won’t last long. Any lights that only turn on when moved? I see a few on Amazon, I guess I’m looking for any on GearBest or AliExpress.

Hey mate i have never seen a hand held flashlight with motion activation but i have a few headlamps that have that feature. It makes a light almost truly hand free in a sense, except you still have to wave your hand in front of the sensor to activate. Only thing id be worried about would be accidental activation?

How about a glowing switch?

Wow, it’s hard to keep track of threads I’ve started!

Those are wave to switch on and off, right? I was thinking of something that switches on when moved, then switches off by itself after a certain time. Like this:

Amazon already has these:
But I’m wondering if there’s anything better/more budget.

Olight H16 Headlamp. Wave to activate.

I have a couple of the linked lights. I use them as basement night lights (magnet back on duct work), and they are fine. I believe the actual trigger is infrared+motion. I don’t think being in a jostled bag would turn them on but don’t know for sure. Not a big risk and you can use it for something else if it doesn’t work out. has a variety of motion-activated lights
And Ali has a variety of toilet-seat-illuminating motion lights.

Thanks for the suggestions, I had another look on AliE and there seems to be more models now. It’s not clear whether they’re PIR or accelerometer-based. I think most are PIR. Got this one to try for now: