Any newly released charger that meet these requirements?

Hi all,

I just bought a Lii-500 to replace a broken Lii-500 :).
I also wanna buy a newly released charger to try something new.

The charger must:

  1. Support as many battery sizes as possible, from AAA, AA to 18650, 26650
  2. Display how many mAh charged
  3. Have manual current selection
  4. Have LED indicator lights, or something similar so I can know which batteries are fully charged without pressing the buttons.
  5. Easier to take big batteries out than Lii-500

Is there any recent released charger meet the above requirements?


Try going over HKJ’s reviews. Since you require capacity test (which not too many charges have that function), look for “Analyzer” in the “Extra” column of the table.

I can’t remember if the Lii-500S or the Vapcell S4+ does all the features you require. The SkyRC MC3000 does seem to tick almost everything on your list, but it’s a much more advanced charger that might be too difficult (and expensive) for some people to use on a daily basis (assuming didn’t program some default programs)…

Thanks @d_t_a,

The SkyRC MC3000 is too advanced and expensive to me.
I have been looking through HKJ’s reviews, but would like to get more recommendations here.

@d_t_a if I change the requirement from capacity measurement to display charged mAh, is there any good charger you know?

I believe the Vapcell S4+ hits all of them except #4. I am also considering it and the XTAR VC4S (even though it has no manual mode). You might also check out the XTAR VP4 Dragon — I think that particular version might all hit all your marks but its pricey.