Any news about JETbeam TH20 XHP70.2 3450Lumens

I hound this new model on bangood.
Looks like NITECORE TM03 cloning.
Does anybody has more information about this light?

I thought it was introduced some time ago as the new RRT3.


Interested how much lower price will be with discount compared to TM03.

wouldn’t mind buying if someone can get a good discount code or maybe a group buy going. Fasttech has got it for $100.95

It would be interesting to find out how long it actually stays on 3450 lm level before it starts ramping down, and what it ramps down to. Given the runtime figures provided, I’m guessing it’s going to start ramping down fairly quickly and down to below 1000 lm.

Still, looks like a nice light. I’m actually glad it’s so expensive, because if it was cheaper, I would have probably bought yet another flashlight that I do not need. :slight_smile:

i know how you feel you get that itch })

still as dumb as with the tm03, it needs a special battery for the highest mode which is included… when will they ever learn…

It will be a too floody for my taste but it is hard to argue against 3450 lm from a fairly compact 18650 light that that handles heat easier and throws further than the Emisar D4.

What exactly is so special about this battery? Isn’t it basically just a high drain cell, such as Samsung 30Q, for example?

No it is not too floody.
I have TM03CRI and I am impresed from throw/flood ratio.
TM03 has 2 reflectors iside.It helps a lot.
Even wiht 550 limens TM03 gives better iluminatin than light with similar size OP reflector,10W diode and same lumens.

About batter yes. But it also has protection which must allow 10A current.

Hi all. I purchased a Jetbeam TH20 from and I am impressed with it.

It works fine with both the Sanyo UR18650NSX and the Sony VTC5A 18650 batteries.

On mine the contact protrudes enough so that even a totally flat-top cell like the Sony VTC5A will make good contact. In addition, I discovered the length of the “HR26” battery that is supplied with the flashlight is the same length as an unprotected 18650 cell. The only difference is that the HR26 battery that comes with the light is very slightly fatter (due to over-wrapping maybe?) and they added a button.

I hope this information helps anyone who is thinking about buying the Jetbeam TH20 but was unsure about what replacement, and/or what more powerful battery than the supplied cell, will work with this light. I tried the Sony VTC5A and it works in mine. :THUMBS-UP: