Any nice Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any deal, please post here. Discussions entertained.

Hi guys,

If you happen to see any website, link that has ANY interesting item/price offerings, sharing it here will be highly appreciated.


I haven’t seen anything yet, but when I do, I will

Black Friday = My Favorite Shopping Day

Tech Tool Supply… 40% off all their Nitecore products. They’re a Michigan based authorized retailer. It’s while supplies last, of course. I’ve done videos for them in the past, and they gave me a heads up. So since it was asked here- thought I’d share. Set your clocks, this stuff will go fast.

Really great deals on Xtar chargers from right now. It’s not free shipping, but if you get multiple items it should even out.
MC1 - $2.50
MC1 Plus - $3.00
SV2 Rocket - $18.69
VP2 - $18.69

Grabbed a couple MC1+ thanks for the heads up

Solarforce Black Friday deal page. Especially the M3 head looks decent for 23.99

Being from different cultural roots, I don't really know what's this “Black Friday” stuff about. However, I'll tell you what happens with these imported commercial festivals around here, at least on a nationwide popular online retailer I have a handful of miles away: a few weeks prior to the “sale” they ramp up the pricing on selected strategic products and… bingo! They can later claim to have “lowered” the pricing for the sales festival.

This is not a joke.

Cheers ^:)

Most definitely true. My guess is that all these guys from Banggood, Gearbest, Fasttech etc know that we are fully aware of what the normal price is. But hey, they have a much larger audience than just us, so they play this game anyway…

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become traditional shopping times prior to Christmas. For decades in the US, the Friday after Thanksgiving day has traditionally been the biggest Christmas gift shopping day of the year.

Ever since the start of the modern Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been known as the unofficial start to a bustling holiday shopping season

Cyber Monday is more recent since 2005 with the advancement of the internet.

If you wish to read more about it, here

It’s called “Black Friday” because at one time that was the time when retailers profits went from the Red to the Black.

In any case, for the US most sales will be done in local stores or US-based websites (like Amazon). BG/GB/FT only play a very very small part stateside

Guys, thanks a bunch for the enlightenment about Black Friday and the newer Cyber Monday.

BLF is surely one helpful forum.

This pretty much exactly sums it up:


People have actually been trampled to DEATH by shoppers trying to get a “Deal”. I’ve learned to make sure I have groceries to last through the weekend after Thanksgiving, so I don’t have to go to the store for ANYTHING. For me, Black Friday is another relaxing day after Thanksgiving where I get to relax, enjoy visiting family, and eat the leftovers from the day before.

Depends where you live/what stores/when you go. I’m sure my experience in the midwest is different than other places.

I go Black Friday shopping every year, even if I don’t have anything I really want to buy. It’s one of my family’s true “traditions” and I love it. Some of my fondest memories with my brother are from shopping in the early morning madness of Black Friday. It is a bit of chaos just because of the mass of people, but I have never seen any violence or even really any anger any of the times I have gone. For what it’s worth, by 9-10am on Friday the stores are usually pretty quiet, just a little messy and you can shop normally.

Online shopping is how you do black Friday right.

Screw the crowds.

10 years ago or so I was almost in a mob turned riot on a black Friday.

We got there real early, think around 1 or 2 AM, we were the 3rd or 4th people in line and it was FREEZING (well actually it was in the high 40’s but a sharp breeze that was still one of the coldest I have ever been).

Well as the hours ticked by the line started growing, They opened at 6am and by 5am the line was 3-4 people wide and you could not see the back of the line unless you stepped way out of line to look.

As 6am neared people started to get a bit overcrowded, the line was stretching around the corner of the store and out of site (it was at least 100 yards to the end of the store). Then new arrivals started to try to jump the line and thats where things started to get serious. There were maybe a dozen people trying to shove their way into the front of the line with excuses like “I just want a video game, nothing like what ya’ll are wanting”.

As things were getting more and more heated the Police were called and showed up just in time to calm a full on riot (and thankfully one guy took a punch and didn’t fight back, that would have ended everything).

Then the doors opened at 6AM as the police were still trying to camp everyone and we were told the line was all the way to the back of the store and still growing!

Well we got in at this point and entered a new type of mad house, we found our items and were ready to check out in 30 minutes, sadly that was 10 minutes too late. The lines for check out grown in those 10 minutes from reasonably long to wrapping around the ENTIRE store! Not joking at all.

First you had to literally find the end of the line, this took way more effort then it sounds like, then once in line the trek had just begun.

People are going to think I am making this up but I am telling you, it is 100% true, the line for checkout weaved up and down every other aisle of the store. You could quite literally walk in the store, get in line and do your entire shopping while moving down the line to check out without having to hardly leave the line. It was a great way to check out other items you were thinking about along the way.

It took us somewhere between 2 and 3 hours to move through the line, we lost track of time.

When we finally did leave the store we were shocked to find that the fire marshal had stopped letting people into the store until someone left the store. So the line was STILL wrapping around the building when we left! They said there were over 1000 people in the store at opening and I think that was conservative.

That was the craziest black Friday I ever had. The next year this store had a fraction of the deals and everything was very well controlled but we were still in and out in less then 10 minutes lol.

After that we decided that the internet black Friday deals were just as good or better and have just done that ever since save for a few deals we could not pass up.

TA what store was that?

I remember going to a home furnishings store one year (Nebraska Furniture Mart) and it was just as you described, checkout lines were almost impossible to find the end (they starting using balloons to mark the end of lines after that) and the wait to checkout was 2hrs+. So we just went into one of the home theater demo rooms and watched the original Star Wars in its entirety, then came out and checked out after about a 30min wait.

I’m sure now that kind of experience would put me off, but as a 14-16yr old kid I loved every second of it. Love the memories.

This was the first and last time that Frys had a 6 page newspaper spread with deals truly too good to pass up lol.

This was also back in the days of mail in rebates and lots of “free” items. We cleaned up that year since we always got our rebates.

Texas_Ace, you remind me about 6 or 8 years ago at Fry’s of Arlington!