Any one in Sydney want some Isopropyl alcohol?

Hey lads i bought 5L bottle of Isopropyl alcohol and it will take me ages to use it all. So if any one wants some feel free to come and get some no charge for BLF members :stuck_out_tongue: the 5L cost me like $15.

I then posted the deal on Ozbaragain at cheaper price then i paid for mine. I bought mine from Sydney solvents.


  • Cleaning of flux and dirt
  • Cleaning LEDs after dedoming
  • Getting of thermal paste
  • Crisp looking lenses
  • Cleaning drivers

I will gladly post some but i doubt it will make it being liquid but if any one needs some it beats paying the crazy prices at Bunnings or Jaycar! Plus you probably don’t need a whole 1L.


Same goes for Melbourne lol, I got 5l on the way from ebay :+1:

Dang, I just bought 500ml of the crocodile stuff for around $12, didn’t even think to look on ebay.

Raccoon - I like your style!