Any opinions on a 2C Mag mod?

So, I’ve been lingering on BLF for about 3 weeks now and been a member for about a week.

Anywho, I have an older 2C Maglight that I’d really like to turn into something ueful. I have done some research an have some ideas, bu don’t really know how to proceed.

I’m thinking of the folowing:

2X 18650 w/ the wide/deep tailcap that i’ve read about. Is this a well known mod?

I’d really like to find a LED drop-in, but have only seen drop-ins that require a lathe. I donkt hve easy access to a lathe and am therefore really interested in any alternatives. I also have pulled the light apart and am confused by what to do w/ the internals. They are hard to reach nd I’m not really sure how/if I should remove them.

Any and all thoughts are warmly welcome!

Also, what about reflectors? ’d like to get rid of the plastic…

My personal recommendation would be a XM-L with a Mag-Led heatsink. Much easier than a drop in because you don't have to machine anything to fit.

Should I just do a search for mag-led heat sink and where might I find info on converting to the LED? Does the LED come mounted w/ a driver?

Sorry for my ignorance, if itk easier, you can just tell me t go look it up. no offense will be taken.

Welcome to the forum. Good luck on your mag mod.

Go look it up, LOL. Welcome to the forums. Do you have any experience is doing and modding, soldering or that type of work? If not, then it may take you some time reading in this and other forums. Doing a google search for "mag mod" or "maglite mod" might help. Truthfully, you will find the most info at CPF. A search there will give you more hits. It sounds like you will need to do a lot of reading about the mods, as it does take some work and experience.

I'm at work, or I would do some searching for you.

There are no metal reflectors currently, that I know of, except for expensive ones at CPF. The ones used in my mods, need work to make them fit. At least a dremel tool and best done by a lathe.

I have been building RC helicopters for a few years and have become quite good at soldering. My experience has also given me a petty good understanding of battery chemistries and power management. However, I’ve never modded a light.

I’ve just done some research and looks like I can purchase an lED bulb that will fit right in the current adapter. I also gather that this mod can lead to heat build-up, therefore requiring an insert to dissipate heat.

Does this sound about right?

Depends on which one you are talking about. Link? would help.

It sounds like you’re on the verge of opening a Pandora’s Box that makes money magically disappear :wink:

There are quite a few Mag C heatsink out there for mounting an LED and driver, but one I suggest is the H22A

The best deal is to buy 3 or more. I haven’t used the C, but I’ve used quite a few D. You should get the flat top ones without the tabs.

I know this project will probably cost more than just going out and buying an LED Mag, but I’ve read they provide no heat management and light output suffers. So, what i’m shooting for is a reasonably powerful, somewhat affordable and easily modified light.

I found this led conversion bulb…

However, I’d think I’d get more power from JonnyC’s suggestion. That is, a heatsink w/ a more powerful bulb. I’m thinking XM-L T6? Is this setup direct drive?

Also, here is the end cap i found. any thoughts on this?\*g-C-Tail-cap&ei=HVhJUM6yI4WRkQL5rICICg

Yup, a XML T6 would be great. Has to be on a 14 mm star or smaller. You won’t be able to direct drive it using 2 cells. Check out for driver boards. I would give you more info but I’m on the road.

I’ll check it out. Thx!

The easiest mag 2c mod is a 18650 powered rop conversion.

Replace lens with glass and reflector with a metal one.
Replace stock bulb with pelican high bulb for 1000ish lumens.
Drop in 2 unprotected 18650s.
Remove tail cap spring and de-ano tail cap. You may need a spacer depending on battery length. I used a penny FYI.

Easyish 1000 lumens that throws!

So, Incan upgrade looks to be abt a $40 upgrade:
~$5 lens
~$10 bulb
~$25 metal insert

and the LED route gets even pricier. i know I said I wanted to mod, but I’m liking the idea of just spending $55 and getting a 2X 26650 JM05 and being done with it. But then my mag will still be sitting there begging me to mod it. oh what to do…

A piece of heater hose , three cr123s and a 5 cell Xenon bulb

Instant hotwire mod .


That's probably the easiest way to make a Mag usable without feeling like you spent too much. I use 2x14500 and a 4 cell Krypton in my old 2D lights. Krypton seems to last longer than Xenon on overdrive, and the output is surprisingly decent. Total cost of the mod is $6.

2*14500? Why not 26500?

Cuz that would make it a much more expensive mod. The lights weren't going to be used much anyway, so the cost would not have made sense.

Plus, I did the mods a couple years ago when 26mm batteries were harder to find.

Are 26500's easy to find now even? I see 26650's everywhere, but not so many 26500's and the few that I've seen are unprotected. Is there an easy place to get protected 26500's?

As someone else pointed out 26500s don't fit in a C mag. 18500s do and those would double the capacity. Lighthound sells them.