Any Opinions on this light? UniqueFire 6T6

I’m probably going to hit the buy button on this one. But before I do I would like to know if there are any reasons why I shouldn’t?

Pro’s: 9A, 18650’s or 26650’s, it looks like a fairly decent head design, deep with six led’s, $60 with coupon, stainless steel bezel.

Neg. Only T6 not U2 or above, average heat sink, finish looks just OK.

So please let me know what you think and if you have any other suggestions. I am also considering the TR-J12/18. Also possibly the UltraFire UF-T90.

I have a good Skyray King clone and a SST-50 with the big head. I guess I’m looking for something kind of in the middle.

Thanks in advance.

Edit the head is 7.5cm at least according to another site.

It doesn’t look too bad, you can get the tr-j18 at fasttech cheaper though and the intloutdoor 7 xm-l driver is a drop in solution according to tom e.

Did you notice this handsome fella though

Thanks for the info, I’ll consider the driver swap. The light in the pic reminds me of the S2 gold one. I have a rook and the size is great and the beam is really smooth and bright. I would imagine this would be similar just slightly brighter with better run time.

I might go with a Terminator instead from goingoutdoors U3 for $115. I got an unexpected check this morning for $100. (cashed in winnings from free poker chips, they actually paid!! and it only took two months)Guilt free money, it’s not gambling when you don’t put any money down. Not even a credit card on file.

So what do you think of the Terminator?

Hey Gords,

Is that a new light? I’ve never seen that one before. 1 x 18650 or 1 x 26650 and a side clickie. I’m buying that one for sure.

I’ve never sern it either, just noticed it when I clicked on the 6 t6 link.

Its a handsome beast that’s for sure. I think it may be in my future too. 8)

Edit :- sorry…. terminator. I like it, cant see me buying one but I like it. What about the btu shocker for $120? J)

Is the shocker better? And who has it for $120?

No one else than Ric sells it..

Dunno about betterer, but cnqg/fancyflashlights is shifting it for $120 if dales recent thread is anything to go by.

Thanks, yep it’s $120 I would almost prefer the $150 with $50 store credit. I wonder if he would still go for that? I guess I can e-mail and find out.

That head looks amazing it’s like three throwers in one. Decisions, decisions.

ive been eyeing this one here for quite a while, you may want to look at this one also…. its another 26650 light with side switch like the one gords linked\_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

I placed an order for the one Gords linked to. I’m going to see if there are any reviews for this Skyray.

Thanks Blueb8llz :wink:

That Sky Ray S4 is pretty

Good luck. Google didnt turn up anything on the skyray s4 other than the lghtmalls link.

This could be another blf first. 8)