any single mode 18650 lights?

hello, long time first time…

if you can post a link to a simple on/off single mode LED light…

either AAA, CR123 or 18650 battery.

thanks in advance.

Great AAA group buy is still active.

This twisty is pretty nice once you replace the insane tall black centering ring with the good one from Fasttech.

There are numerous single mode P60 drop-ins for 16340/18350/18650 hosts.

Any of the Foursevens lights with the tactical UI can be programmed to a single mode. Go to the light finder page and click on the different filters like “tactical”, “CR123” and see what they got that interests you.

Not budget though, but great UI. Foward clickie too.

1 mode Nichia. Only about 30 lumens from a AAA though.****NEW****-RayUS-C01-LED/Detail