any suggestions aaa pocket lite

I,m looking for a aaa with with tail switch, that comes on in low(moonlite) every time.
under $20.
3 modes.

Just spend a burger more and get the drop tool nichia:

> looking for a aaa with with tail switch, that comes on in low(moonlite)

good luck with your search…

maybe look at the pictures in this thread

think about your definition of moonlight…
some call
5 lumens moonlight, others call
0.5 lumens moonlight… and a few of us call
0.05 firefly, instead of moonlight…

share your impressions of the lights you buy

I don’t know of any that meet all those requirements. Olight i3t has 2 modes (5/180 lumen) and starts on low with no mode memory. It is forward clicky.

The ultratac AA has a simple L-M-H without memory which is great. But the AAA version (aka Aidier A7) is H-L-Strobe unfortunately.

Sofirn’s 2 mode groups for the C01R looks promising. I hope to see that type of adjustable UI make it into more aa and aaa lights.

Wuben E01.

Any requirements on emitter tint or lumens output on high?

219c or similar, at least 100

I would consider 5 lm or lower as moonlight. Used as a nitetime pee lite.

Looked at the one on Drop; it’s high on the list.

Weo1 is on my banggood wish list.

Thanks all.

Lumintop IYP07, love it. Three modes with memory, moonlight is about 1 lm, 219c.

+1. Just be aware that double clicking will go to an SOS mode so switching modes very quickly is not an option.

Here’s how I improved the driver of my Wuben E01. If my memory is correct it also had visible PWM.

Gnope, no visible pwm on mine, not even on low. Shaking it back’n’forth, no “stutter” or anything.

My switch has a certain moosh-factor that makes it hard to bap the switch too fast, so I never really had an issue with it. Not the best switchcap, but no problem with acci-strobe. Tradeoff, I guess.

All I ever got AAA lights for is to burn down moribund cells from 3×AAA craplights that mum gets. They croke at about 1.1V for her when the light gets “too dim”, so that’s plenty to use as a nightlight in a single-AAA light.

Skinny Tie, that’s impressive. How did that occur to your Wuben E01with a AAA battery? That photo looks more like you tossed it in a campfire late one night after drinking too much.

it happens;for me it was too much experimentation. :smiley:

How did you manage to blow up your lite?

The E01 is so close, but the stupid SOS mode is annoying. The other thing is the horribly ringy beam. That tiny little reflector should really be orange peel instead of smooth. The little AAA tool has an OP reflector the same size and the beam is much better. I swapped the emitter to an LH351d and used a bit of matte scotch tape over the reflector, it’s comparable to a 45 or 60 degree TIR light now. It lives on my nightstand, turning on in that nice low mode is perfect for a nightstand light.

With the drop aaa tool, if you have the tools and can mod the driver, you can change low to go as low as you want.

Where to find? It’s on Banggood but I can’t do “long time” shipping right now.

Not quite under $20 ($24.99 + Tax).
The Trunight is 2xAAA, always come on in moonlight (unless you click back on under about 10s).
And it comes in a warm option.

I’ve had one for years now. Used it nightly until the Olight replaced it.
Works fine with AAA enloops.
One issue with mine is that the head will sometimes pop off it dropped and it hits the floor just right.
And yes it is threaded, but somehow it jumps off the threads.
Some complain the switch is flakey and turns on in the pants pocket.
It will turn on in the pants, but works fine in a shirt pocket. My switch has been OK.

All the Best,

How did you blow up Eneloops?

Maybe this one: Astrolux A02 EDC (interest list)

I was experimenting—- Trying to use AA’s in a backwoods shower that requires D cells.
I’m not exactly sure what happened but smoke and sizzle ensued.